Thursday, 30 October 2008

Left feeling cold by wise words

Fashion156's latest editorial showing winter essentials by James Long and Melanie Broder.

During my obligatory Sunday call to my Grandparents where I hear about their weeks worh of trials and tribulations (who knew watching TV all day could be so hazardous and downright dangerous? I jest, I love my Sunday chats with the old folks.) my Nan warned me about that the cold weather on the way, she even mentioned snow. Snow in October, that's crazy talk...oh wait. As I was partaking in a pumpkin carving and soup making extravaganza on Wednesday night I noticed it getting cold, then it rained, then hailed, then snowed. It blew my fragile and somewhat excited little mind. I will never doubt my Nan again. Winter is upon us my friends. My calls for an early winter have been answered. Right on cue Fashion156 released their new issue, The Structured Issue and the editorial just makes me want to wrap up in giant knitted creations.

The chill factor makes me long for James Long's aw 08 collection

I've realised that even though I wanted Winter to arrive, I'm just not ready for it. I am going to James Long's AW 08 collection as my inspiration. I will go to war with the new chilly environment using a heady mix of sheepskin, suede, leather chunky knits and combining them with buckles and zips, to create my modern warrior look. This weekend will be a shopping filled one. More on this later...


j said...

Dressing with style in winter is always a challenge. It seems when you're stylish, you end up being cold. I have to work on this.

Joey Bahamas said...

I love and I really enjoy your blog!

Joey Bahamas

Some Like it said...

I wish winter would not come either...except for the cozy sweaters and accessories are definately fun to wear (and necessary!). Today I will stock up on vintage sweaters, hats & mits ... and use James Long's collection as inspiration for a female form. Thanks!

Matthew Spade said...

it has came right out of the blue hasn't it, i have been wearing longsleeve tops, shirts, cardigans a wool coat this week and im still cold even tho ive been wearing gloves, scarfs and boots too. i just hope it doesn't get much colder, im fearing the worst though.

still on the plus side it feels so nice to get in somewhere warm!

Style Salvage Steve said...

J - My challenge for dressing well in winter and not freezing is my hang ups with well fitted clothing. I am beginning to experiment a bit more with fit and I have high hopes that this is going to be both a stylish and warm winter for me.
joey - Thanks! We love fashion156 as well.
some like it fashion - I love Winter but I just need to prepare myself for it.
mat ahoy - The heating in the house has been turned up high, I have a fresh cup of builders tea close to hand and I have a blanket. It is a crazy Friday night for me as Susie sleeps off her jet lag! It is damn cosy though!

Anonymous said...

i say bring back winter! down here in sydney it's already hitting 35 degrees celsius and its not even proper summer yet. so glad that in 2 weeks im outta the country and escaping to subzero temperatures!

i much prefer dressing for winter. i love layering, the sheer variety of clothing combos/accessories (scarfs (or is it scarves?), socks, mittens, ear muffs, (ah so much wintery goodness) and the sight of mustard, aubergine, olive knits make my heart sing.
i just find that in summer its much harder to mix up my style beyond the combos of either dresses or shorts/skirts & tops. it just gets far too hot to wear any more clothing than the bare minimum.

Ian Brown said...

Skinny jeans + winter = pain in the ass. I used longjohns but my friends recommend instead wearing leggings/tights. This season I'm making the jump.

Matthew Spade said...

steve, how do you make hi tops work in the winter outfits? i wore mine with a grey db trench the other day but i wasnt convinced.


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