Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Bits and bobs

Prepare for a mixed bag of a post. We had a late sketcher who we felt we should share with you, as well as a few links.

First, the sketches. These come from JP of cantilevered style. Goddamn it, is everyone taking secret drawing lessons??

Now, the links:

How much do I want these bad boys? Answer: a lot. I think I'd switch the white laces for black ones, but otherwise they'd be good to go for the winter party season (I refuse to talk about the C word yet).

How's your mustache coming along for Movember? If you are in need of inspiration, look no further than these mustache-themed wedding photos (thank Jennine for the heads-up!)

Finally, do you ever fling your shoes over power lines? (don't we all? Wait, no we don't, I love my trainers too much to chuck them even when they're veyr very dead). Read this interview as these guys would like to hear from you!


Ian Brown said...

Haha...I'm pretty sure bullies toss shoes on powerlines, mate.

The highwaisted pants in the bottom right drawing remind me of YSL from two years ago. Not that that's a bad thing. Is there a pirate/skinhead theme being explored here?

Giancinephile said...

I wonder what happened with EJ's sketches... hmmmmmmmm

Ca said...

Wow, great sketches!

No no no, I never toss my shoes!


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