Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Japanese Dandyism on show in Italy

Members of the 'Japanese Fashion Flock' as captured by the Sartorialist for Men.Style

We often say within posts and the comments section (particularly from one rather persistent fellow, naming no names...Thom...this post is dedicated to you) that Japan does everything better. It does seem that we as men's style commentators spend a large chunk of our time salivating over designers, brands, magazines and the people of Japan wishing that we could either speak the language, lived there or looked as cool.

During their coverage of Pitti and Milan The Moment mentioned the rise of the new Japanese dandy.

'I have to say that the Japanese fashion flock are stealing the show here. Amazing personal style, with what is becoming a bit of a signature look for a group of them: very natty, often checked sport jackets, worn with a coordinated checked shirt underneath a crew-neck sweater, along with slender pressed gray flannel trousers, argyle or some other colored sock and a very fine English shoe.'

I agree with everything above, except the fact that this is new because season after season I have marvelled at the Japanese fashion flock when captured by The Sartorialist. The mix of fabrics and attention to detail really sets these gents apart, we should all take note. If you aren't doing so already I suggest that you take a look at the street style photography outside of the shows...it can be much more interesting than the shows themselves.


TheSundayBest said...

Calling me out, are you?

So perfect.

Also - Alexander McQueen. Never been so impressed by him.

Style Salvage Steve said...

TheSundayBest: I am just giving your Asian brithers some love. I am jealous...As for McQueen, the more I look at this collection the more I see. For me, it was the perfect balance of theatre on the one side and desirable yet wearable clothes on the offer.

Matthew Spade said...

older mcqueen was more about the shock factor on the catwalk, which is ok as after all it is a show! but i do kind of agree, his stuff isnt for me. i did enjoy a couple of collections ago with his circus themed accessories.

very inspirational the japanese mmhmm, i remember being obssessed with the Fruits books when i was abit younger.

this is a good street style site, vary varied -


Ian Brown said...

Stylish Japanese men are taking over. The Japanese have always had a more pronounced fashion gesture than we in the west. Overall I find the fashion obsessed side of their culture inspirational.

As for McQueen, my bias is known. He performed admirably and created a collection that shows how garments can transcend stitching and material.

Izzy said...

I love how the Japanese fashion crowd is expanding and reinventing dandyism: with their playful accessorizing, careless yet studied mix of fabrics, the play on proportions, at the same time paying attention to sharp quality tailoring. It might be interesting to explore how their penchant for layering relates to the concept of the kimono, which is made up of layers and layers of exquisite silks, each as opulent as the other.

And "...street style photography outside of the shows...it can be much more interesting than the shows themselves." ---i totally agree! Which influenced which?

Anonymous said...

It seems little bit strange to me but not bad!


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