Thursday, 15 January 2009

Picture postcard: ready for action

Found here
Howdy Steve!

From personal uniforms to real uniforms... I thought you'd appreciate these chaps. You know how much I love wide legged trousers, and these are no exception. I know that you shocked a few of our readers by admitting that you weren't a fan of leather coats, but surely these lovely brown jackets must meet your approval?

Oh, and that reminds me... I really must shine my shoes.


Thanks for posting this. It is beautiful.

I just love this image. It awakes the child in me who dreams of one day being a fighter pilot and looking just like this. On the style stakes this is perfect. Yes, I'm not a huge fan of leather jackets but the brown leather works so well combined with the wide legged trousers and shiney boots.
I'm not sure that I'm quite macho enough to pull this look off though.

On the uniform front, have you seen this image from Pitti Uomo...

Thom Browne's presentation declared that there is 'Beauty is Uniformity.' Something uniform was promised and duly delivered by the militarily precise arrival of forty models identically dressed in signature Thom Browne looks. The 41st model then pressed the desktop bell a number of times and the models carried out the required action. It sounds perfect. We have to return to the uniform concept at a later post because there is just so much to say.


Matthew Spade said...

yes yes, wide pants and leather bombers, very belstaff. charlie chaplin has the widest pants and he's the best style. when im older il be doning the wider trousers im sure.

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

I've just seen the Thom Browne presentation (now your tweet make more sense), brilliant Orwellian references.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat Ahoy: I'm waiting to integrate a very tailored shirt and jacket with wide legged trousers. I think it creates the best silhouettes.
Imelda Matt: The man can do no wrong! He has the midas touch and it is a joy to see him embrace simplicity during a presentation for a change.


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