Monday, 19 January 2009

Miuccia's Studs

Studded Shoe Close Up - courtesy of DazedDigital's backstage coverage.

I will be speaking to The Sunday Best at the end of the week to run through the goings on at Pitti, Capsule and Milan so I will not divulge too much just yet (although if you are interested my initial thoughts can be read over on the Fashion156 daily blog. After Miuccia deciding to surprise us all by showing a day early, I just couldn't resist posting about the studded shirts and shoes.

As great as the catwalking images are, backstage photos bring the collections to life. The strong, tailored black looks imposed themselves and took control of the runway but flashes of distinction came in the form of studs and leather and this is what impressed me most. Last season Balenciaga provided the most talked about brogues but Prada's studded offering will be difficult to top this season. Inspired by Rumi of FashionToast I might just have to mess around with a stud gun...although I'm not sure I have the patience or the skill and there is more chance of me having to visit the hospital than walking in modified shoes.

I will now sit on my hands and refrain from posting too much more on the shows. My conversation with Thom is bound to be full of head nodding, finger waving, laughter, tears and so much more.


TheSundayBest said...

Studs Steve? Seriously?

Oooohhhh you are going to get a talking to.

Matthew Spade said...

i'm very for studs, love love love studs, zips, spikes ect but in a classy way. this is working for me, esp that white shirt. do you remember the studded Dr Martens that were on the catwalk last season, i can't remember the designer though.

my gf is currently totally obsessed with big zips, its all i hear!

jc said...

I have been obsessed with studs and spikes for so long.

Style Salvage Steve said...

TheSundayBest: Yes studs! Oh, the banter is going to make for good listening!
Mat Ahoy: This show was a great example. Not sure which designer used studded doc martens, I will do some digging. I'm with you and your gf, big zips are awesome.
jcpBc: Please be careful, we need our readers fit and healthy and you suds and spikes obsession sounds dangerous!

EJ said...

I like the studs. But it could be pre-nephew hysteria talking (yes, Steve, I'm still waiting...)

Unknown said...

Am seriously head over heels for the studs, Miuccia really got it right this time.

/Male Mode.


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