Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Discovering Armando Cabral

Exclusive first look at Armando Cabral

You should recall that one of my highlight experiences of the AW10 season was a visit to the Showroom Next Door during the height of London Fashion Week. The Touba Distribution curated showroom allowed me the opportunity to inspect and fantasise over a few of my favourite brands while introducing me to a few new ones. I spent the best part of two hours fully immersing myself in the new collections of Mr. Hare, Casely-Hayford, H by Harris and Bruno Chaussingnand before being acquainted with Japanese denim specialist Sable Clutch and amazing knitwear by The Inoue Brothers. The space became my dream walk-in wardrobe the moment I stepped through the doors of 16 Hanover Square. More than that though, it was a space that exemplified everything that I find exciting about menswear design in London; namely it's diversity and constant sense of sartorial evolution and revolution. Having kept in contact with one of its key curators, Fode Sylla, I am pleased to declare that the Showroom Next Door will return for SS11 throughout the upcoming LFW. In addition to this piece of exciting news I can also offer an exclusive first look at one of the new additions to the lineup, the debut offering from Armando Cabral.

Armando Cabral as shot by Adrien Sauvage at Showstudio as part of TNS

“Style. You either have it or you don’t. Armando’s got it”.
Simon Foxton

Now the name Armando Cabral should be familiar with you. Cabral is quite simply one of the most recognisable male models Having already made his mark on the catwalk, his namesake shoe range is the next step. The footwear line sees Cabral team up with Rucky Zambrano who spearheaded innovation and technology at Vibram before serving as Head Designer for shoes and accessories at Hugo Boss. Together, they make quite a team. Making its international debut for SS11, Armando Cabral is a collection of luxury footwear for men. Ahead of its release on the international markets, Armando Cabral hosted a small presentation in Lisbon, Portugal, which gained coverage in the most prestigious local publications but didn't make it online (to the best of my knowledge). Unsurprisingly, the collection was soon picked up by several major boutiques and department stores in Portugal. Armando’s international debut collection for SS11 has already gained the support of many key-players in the world of men’s fashion. On a retail level, a small preview presentation in July has already landed the brand prestigious accounts including Beams international Gallery in Japan and an exclusive with Wrong Weather in Porto. The upcoming SS11 main presentation in London is eagerly awaited by press and buyers alike but I can offer a bit of a preview...

This is one beautiful desert boot. The moment I clapped eyes on them my feet were crying out for them...

...but what about this mustard version...

...or this Gunner friendly red. Oh I want them all.

The ideal shoe for a bright summer, boat moccasin

A more neutral boating moccasin option

I know EJ loves purple but what about this hand painted moccasin?


The huarache sandal

Handmade in Italy out of the highest quality materials, the range includes modern takes on classic shapes, all the while showcasing attention to detail and a vibrant colour palette. As you can see above, the collection offers a full range of styles ranging from high-top sneakers to classics like the desert boot, boating moccasin and woven sandal, all with an individual signature. The huarache sandal for example, has been updated with the addition of a vulcanized rubber sole, to combine the sophistication of the traditional upper with the flexibility of modern technology, while the boating moccasin comes in supple Swiss leather, with a hand painted finish for the coloured versions. The lasted constructions are lined in high quality calf leather, with suede, full grain and cotton canvas outers.

The combination of Cabral's innate style and Zambrano's eye for design and attention to detail has created an elegant addition to the men's footwear market. If I was excited enough about the next installment of the Showroom Next Door before I knew about the addition of Armando Cabral (which I was), now my mind and limbs are as restless as a child's on Christmas Eve. Roll on London Fashion Week.


James said...

Awesome collection, cant wait to see the full collection.
Love the deserts offering....

Peter said...

Beautiful, clean, yet elegant styles... love them.

uj said...

The navy and red desert boots are excellent!! But I'm all over the huarache sandal. Wow.

Syed said...

That red desert boot is gorgeous. Loving those low profile soles.

joy said...

I like the huarache sandal shoe the best. Is it awkward for women to wear desert boots? Because I really want a pair!

Style Salvage Steve said...

James: I'll be able to update you during LFW. The desert boots are my (current) favourites too.
Peter: Well said.
uj: You've piked out the real highlights.
Syed: You have fine taste!
Joy: A dine Summer choice. As for women wearing desert boots, of course they can! I say got for it!

Pauil said...

Re desert boots: Absolutely right! Why limit yourself to one colour when you can have them all? Or to one style? Or leather finish? Ideally, my desert boot collection would be about 20-strong... Working on it.


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