Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Leitmotiv SS11

If yesterday's post involved Peter Jensen grasping my cautious hand before leading me confidently in to the dazzling and uneasy world of prints, this one sees me getting slapped silly at the hands of Leitmotiv and their penchant for clashing and layering of the whimsical. You might recall that the creative duo behind the label first came to my attention at Pitti Uomo and I introduced their colourful designs soon after. What I didn't tell you in my initial post was how I acquainted myself with their designs. As you know, I was fortunate enough to find myself at the beautiful Jil Sander show which was held in the elaborate garden of a spectacular villa in the far hilly reaches of Florence. As much as I was blown away by the colourful march of Simons' models, my gaze was drawn to two men sitting just in front of me wearing the most attention grabbing all print ensembles. These two gentlemen were Fabio Sasso and and Juan Caro, the creative minds behind Leitmotiv and they were wearing two looks from their SS11 collection. Just over a month on and I can finally share their SS11 look book with you. Prepare to be dazzled like I was by the combinations of paisley, camouflage, polka dots and digital prints....

Of course these creations frighten this print cautious blogger but I like to be pushed from time to time. These Leitmotiv creations encompass both the ancient and the modern, all the while creating an eclectic, ironic, visionary array of designs. By looking to past centuries and different worlds, these prints provide a smile inducing collection. Sasso's passion for tailoring and constant Baroque thoughts combine with Caro's passion for art and all things Gothic. This fusion of these seemingly disparate styles create clothes and accessories that contain the most fantastic stories. The label is an artistic project with a bright and colourful language which frequently teeters on the edge of dreams and theater. It is a label that references art and fashion while showcasing great craftsmanship.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting print combos at play here.


Anonymous said...

these fabric prints are awesome. c

John said...

omg stunning


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