Monday, 14 March 2011

Braille Studio Visit


In just over twelve months Braille have carved a covetable reputation for creating reimagined wardrobe staples. In all three of their collections to date the design duo have showcased a wonderful sense of texture, as pieces revealed a heady mix of luxurious fabrics. The fabric combinations in the pairs outerwear are always of particular note. Textural highlights in their recent AW11 collection, Our Damn Hands, include a waxed belted silk poncho, a textured wool pocket overcoat and a suede reversible corded bomber to name but a few.

Having spoken to the pair two weeks ago in a post that unveiled their look book, I could not resist an invitation to take a closer look at the designs. Here we explore their East London based studio and cop a feel of a few SS11 and AW11 season highlights...

The title, Our Damn Hands is a direct reference to the fact that this collection was completed up to the sampling stage with minimal assistance from interns or pattern cutters, right here in the studio.

A few of the patterns

The remains of the AW11 mood board, soon to be replaced with the inspirations of SS11

One of the most memorable piece from SS11, there is just so much texture in this zipped top.

Waxed cotton and wool.

Luminescent tweeds gave visibility to the night explorer for SS11

Fabric cut offs transformed.


The contrast blazer updated for AW11.

The fastenings are a particular highlight of AW11.

A simple blazer is transformed with the use of these clips.

The Duffle Coat has received a great deal of press and buyer attention. When you pick it up you can sense from its weight that it is going to keep you nice and warm, the pair used leather binding as a bridge between the softness of the wool and the hardness of the fireman's clips.

In all of Braille's garments there is always an intriguing balance between the strong and the delicate, something inherently 'masculine' yet genteel at the same. Having forged such a strong design signature in three short seasons, something tells me that 2011 is going to be a big year for the pair. Come SS12 the label will be in a good position to begin selling to the international boutiques that they've had their eyes on since the beginning.


strawberries and champagne said...

Such a great review and fabulous photographs. I love 'behind the scenes' glimpses of studios. It's great to see how people work.

Matthew Spade said...

great close up detail shots. the contrast blazer looks even better up close

Jeff - Style for Men said...

These colors are just crazy!
It reminds me Woo Young Mi fabrics, you should have a look at it ;)

Jeff from Paris

Style Salvage Steve said...

Strawberries and Champagne: Thanks! So do we! We'd love to do lots more but it is finding the time. There are more coming up though.
Mat: Thanks! One of my favourite pieces, that and the duffle coat are on my wishlist.
Jeff - Style for Men: Yes, both designers love to use beautiful fabrications.

Brandon said...

I can see why they called the collection "Our Damn Hands"! The fabric cutoffs jacket is proof of destroyed hands in a labour of love! If you get that duffle coat I would be over the moon for you. Those firemans clips and the leather binding (one of my favourite finished btw and deff needs to be seen more). Beyond. Steve you constantly find me menswear that I (the person who's wardrobe is taken up by more womenswear then I care to admit...) sincerely covet.

I was wondering on a totally unrelated note though, do you set aside a day a week to focus on the blog (I know you have a full time job too) or just a few hours a day? I'm struggling to not be completely overwhelmed with non-blog things when all I really want to do is focus on writing. How do you balance it? (sorry for the rather vague questions)

StyleSalvage said...

Brandon: The pair have worked so hard on this collection but the finished pieces are surely worth it. The more I look at the duffle coat, the more I want it. You don't know how happy that comment makes me feel. The primary reason I blog is to spread news and insight in to the designers, both old favourites and new discoveries, that I love.
On the unrelated point, I am a blogging geek. An addict. It is a difficult balance though. Free time including lunch breaks from work and weekends tends to be gobbled up by studio visits, interviews etc. But I love it. Rather than for it to completely take over my life though, I do try and limit it to a few hours each day. Everyone is different though and there are times when other aspects of life can and indeed should takeover.

Brandon said...

Thanks Steve for the advice. It's strange because I'm so overwhelmed by non-blogging stuff, and all I really want to do is write but I have to focus on life stuff and in the end I just shut down. I'll figure it out I'm sure. Thanks again :)


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