Monday, 31 December 2007

Losing it

Since reading this post over on iCiNG I have been mulling over the topic of losing your hair. I was racking my brains all over Christmas for some good bald/balding icons, only to kick myself for my stupidity when I caught a bit of The King and I on TV. Yul Brynner is surely the most obvious choice?
YulAnd while he is probably best known for his completely bald look (above) as sported in the King and I, I think he looked quite dashing in his younger days when he still kept a bit on top.

This is a Beaton picture I think

The supreme neatness of the hair he does have is vital to the look. And this just set the ball rolling. There are so many balders (not yet baldies, you see?) out there to admire! The trick to it, as always, is excellent grooming.

Lunching in styleThis is perfectly illustrated here by Mr Astaire. While he does have his hair reasonably long it is slicked down and back at all times with no attempt to hide the arches of his hairline. His skin is clear and healthy looking and, as usual, he is clean shaven.

I've noticed quite a few indie boys trying to disguise a receding hairline by growing a long sweep of hair to use as a fringe. I hate to break it to you boys, but I'm beginning to feel that this the the modern equivilant of the comb-over... you're fooling no one my dears. I did consider finding a picture to illustrate this point but I thought that would be a little bit too mean. Maybe your new influence, if you don't like the swept back look should be Brandon Flowers? I think he's giving you evils

His hair is short here and ever so slightly pushed forward. I'd be interested to see what he will do once it REALLY starts going though. I was also going to use Jude Law as a muse here but, if I'm honest, he creeps me out nowadays.


j said...

Pamper what ya got.

But also, good looks aren't so narrowly defined as they once were.

And of course, as always, it's what's under that hair that really counts.

Anonymous said...

My friend has a receding hairline - he's 22. :O

EJ said...

my grandad went mostly bald by 20. be grateful for what you've got boys!

Unknown said...

i've been rumbled; time for a short cut then...

Thomas said...

Jude Law is just all over the map these days, including the latest Wong Karwai movie. Hard to say where he's headed.

It seems I'm unlikely to lose my hair, but if I did, I'd just crop it short. There's no dignity in growing it out in patches. Let your head breathe.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Thomas - I agree with your conclusion about hairloss. It seems I am also fortunate when it comes to my head of hair, my attitude might be different if it was thinning...With regards to Jude Law, why is he so successful. His acting is quite debateable but he certainly gets some good parts. Have you seen 'My Blueberry Nights'? I adored some of the film, especially the Natalie Portman segments but found Jude Law extremely frustrating. he had the worst Northern accent ever. For some reason (and this will very much interest EJ) Jude Law decided (or was directed to) to be from Manchester and it was far from convincing but most annoylingly there was no benefits to the plot or the story to have him be from Manchester...Oh well.

Anonymous said...

hairloss ruins lives, and it's 2008 for gods sake.
mainly 'cause it still seem to matter more to other people than to those one who are suffering of it.

vanity it's the thing that makes balding ruin lives, It ended mine!.

VANNA said...

I happened to stumble upon your blog while looking up information about Yul Brynner and all I have to say is... what a stud! While hairloss may be seen as something negative, I feel like the important issue is that hair doesn't equal good-looks and hairloss doesn't mean the loss of attractiveness. I DO think Brynner was handsome back when he had hair, but I prefer him with no hair at all! Just look at his roles as the King in the "King and I" (as you've shown) and Rameses in "Moses." So handsome! It's someone's face and attitude that makes them attractive, certainly not hair.


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