Saturday, 15 November 2008

A frustrating search ends in creativity for Mr Brûlé

In his weekly column for the the Financial Times (I assure you that I only read this one feature of this publication - I try to bury my head when it comes to the economy), Tyler Brûlé (I know that you love the accents Mr. Wong), the editor of Monocle has revealed his search for the perfect man bag. He suggests that luxury firms should focus their attentions on to their male customers rather than focusing on the female market and this will surely improve their results in these challenging economic times. Unfortunately I do not quite have the same jet set lifestyle that the editor in chief has but I can certainly sympathise with the fact that there is a gap within the market and he has searched for the perfect bags for some time now. To relieve his and others frustrations he has been recommending Tokyo-based brand Porter and has sent people to their shops in Marunouchi, Daikanyama and Omotesando to find their perfect combination of webbing, wheels, handles and secret compartments...but now he has taken matters into his own hands

I’ve been having clandestine meetings with Porter’s creative director, and with this help I think I’ve finally designed the perfect bag for overnight trips to Geneva, long weekends in Liguria and even seven-day tours around Asia. I know you’re asking how the same bag can work for all these trips but I’m of the opinion that hotel laundry services are there to be used – therefore my packing for a two-day trip looks about the same as for a two-week haul.

There have of course been a number of collaborations between Monocle and Porter which are already available online but my favourite is the Porter Shorthauler...I just wish I flew more!

My complex love/hate relationship with Mr Brûlé continues (the fact that he has received both the British Society of Magazine Editors’ Lifetime Achievement Award and a listing among London’s most annoying residents says it all). Whichever side of the fence you fall on, there can be little doubt that he is damn inspiring and in all honesty my dislike towards him is more than likely the result of the green eyed monster.

EJ - Nice bag, hate Mr Brule. Did you ever read Wallpaper*?

Steve - It was never a regular read of mine but I always flicked through it at the newsagents. The price of Wallpaper was off putting...Now I wished I had bought more copies.

Is there something missing in menswear or men's accessories that makes you want to do something about it? I know TheSundayBest has always called for mid-priced accessories for men and I would love to partner with him one day...but how about the rest of you? Also, which side of the fence are you when it comes to
Mr Brûlé?


dlittlegarden said...

That Shorthauler is a handsome, restrained design. I've been searching for a good bag to give my boyf as a Christmas gift, but haven't had much luck. For him, no shoulder strap would be a deal breaker.

There certainly does seem to be a gap in the market -- hard to find a mid-priced man bag. I bought a Billy Kirk Steamer bag for myself last year. Seems that heavy canvas with small leather details is the standard for man bags. Wish there were more full leather options.

fuchsiaboy said...

I love using Longchamp. I guess the weight issue is my deal breaker. The lighter the thing is the better I respond. Kudos if it's washable, too.

Been buying Wallpaper since its start. I actually thought there was a lack of vision for a time when Mr. Brule ceased to being edc. I'm kinda liking the new issues they've churned out recently esp. the Hedi Slimane and Rei Kawakubo guest edits.

TheSundayBest said...

It can be no coincidence that I hve a similar relationshop with Mr. Brule, he of the self-accented name and the ridiculous success. But I can't deny his eye, and his drive. It is a relationship built on jealousy, surely.

Unknown said...

These Monocle vs. Porter bags are perfect. Think i might treat myself post-Xmas; have you been to the Monocle shop on Marylebone High St, Steve?

Style Salvage Steve said...

xS - I'm sure you deserve the little treat, I think I deserve one myself! I've not had a chance to go down to the Monocle shop yet...I'm scared what might happen! I have however promised Thomas Wong that I will go down and record my adventures so that he he can live vicariously through me. I will most certainly post about it next week!


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