Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Fantastic Man Inspired post alert: Fantastic Pastels

Fantastic Man is guaranteed to spark many a post in my mind much to amusement of EJ who jokes that she notices a sharp rise in the frequency of my posts after an issue hits the stores. The latest issue is undeniably strong that I'm sure that this posting trend will continue. A full review and subsequent inspired posts will follow (I already can hardly contain myself from posting on the Perfect Man and Men in Skirts feature pieces) but as time is short today I want to share the below image from their pastels fashion editorial.

Jake Shears in Pastels
The look on the right features two items that I'd love to add to my mostly grey and blue wardrobe. The jacket is from Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers and the pastel footwear is from the Raf Simons for Dr. Martens SS 2009 line. Both of these items have made me rethink my attitude towards these two brands and show that collaborations can create beautiful clothes.

Just last month I posted a few images from the Pastels issue from Fashion156 and these images have reminded me that I need to experiment more with colour. I've mentioned it before but when I think of pastels I have an overriding longing for macaroons - all Susie's influence (on a slight tangent, I'd like to apologise again to EJ for the batch of macaroon I picked up for her in Paris which tasted of nothing but flowers). For me, as well as inducing wide eyes and open mouthed salivation, the windows of Parisian Patisseries frequently offer much needed inspirational colour combinations which are a welcome change from the dark colour palettes we are all pretty bored of now after a long winter.


Anonymous said...

I find I have a similar problem as far as sticking to certain colours is concerned. Or one colour. I pretty much live my life in shades of blue; Jeans are largely to blame for this.

Jake Shears is so cute.


Ca said...

Pastels always make me look like a kid in a candy store. I think I'll just have to keep looking for the right shade.

Giancinephile said...

Enough warming up to browns, it's time for pastels!!! haha

Matthew Spade said...

this shoot looks great, i was looking at those raf DMs just the other day, they look super classy. i bought some black DMs about 2 weeks ago now and i've not stopped wearing them, mainly due to finding out how darn comfy they are!

i must get this issue

Emma Homestay Bandar Tasik Puteri said...

Oh I wish they have fantastic man in my place...

I'd wear any shade of pastel anytime!

Iole said...

hi, love you blog...
just discovered it on an italian mag.come to visit mine.

Anonymous said...

I agree the shoot looks great but do you really want that jacket? Black fleece is currently one of the most expensive ways you could spend your money (owing to the poor exchange rate and the general cost of thom Browne's clothes) and you would be buying a jacket which looks great in a shoot - terrible in reality. You would look like a clown, it's practically harlequin. What has happened to you? you are losing your sartorial focus and giving way to the whims of fashion.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Grant: Take the plunge and experiment with colour with me.
Ca: Keep looking, I can't wait to see what you find.
Giancinephile: Yes!
Mat Ahoy: I've not seen them yet and I've not had a pair of DMs for years but I'm pleased to hear tha they are still darn comfortable.
naboonies: It should be a basic human right that Fantastic Man can be bought at a newsagent near you. In the meantime I will write up additional posts on this issue for you to read.
Lole: Thanks. I'll certainly come visit.
Anonymous: I'm sorry that you feel this way but I'm not sure you have been reading long enough if you reach this conclusion. Nothing has happened to me and I'm certainly not seduced by the whims of fashion at every glance. Just because I write that I like something doesn't mean that I'll be spending my hard earned money on it. These types of posts just offer an insight into what I have seen and what I like. Of course if I was spending the kind of money needed to purchases such a jacket I would buy intelligently and astutely. As I type this I am working on two posts on E. Tautz which I'm sure you'll enjoy. Please afford me the odd whim and odd fancy here and there.

EJ said...

I like the jacket, Steve, and I can picture exactly what you'd wear it with. As you say though, you're not going to rush out and buy it, we're all allowed our 'if only' dreams.

You'd suit pastels with your complexion and hair colour- I can totally see you pulling this look off and look forward to the break from darker colours.

Iole- you say you found us in an Italian mag? Which one?

Ca said...

I agree with EJ, your hair and skin complexion would look good with such pastel shades. On me is whole a different matter... haha. And that's one brilliant answer to Anonymous.

Old thread by now but yeah, better late than never to reply.

Me said...

i just try pastel color last week so i 'm addict it..

love them ... very suit for summer like this

say pastel chic..!!


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