Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Magazines in the spotlight: Dazed

As news broke today that Bauer Media is closing its 22-year-old men’s monthly glossy magazine title Arena (thankfully Homme Plus will continue) it is just more evidence that times are tough for magazines right now. The closure is the latest bad news to emerge from an industry struggling against an economic downturn induced advertising slump. So, I think it is time that we celebrated some of the ones that are still standing and provide us with glossy stimulation. Just where would we be without magazines to covet and salivate over? I certainly don't want to imagine such a depressing world! With this in mind we will strive to shine the spotlight on some of the highlights in publishing world as cause of celebration and hope that they continue. First up...Dazed.

I must show you my new curtains....Photography by Carlotta Manaigo and styling by Robbie Spencer.

Dazed is one of the many magazines that I dip my toe in to test the waters every so often (Arena was another example...if I could have I would subscribe to many, many publications but I have to stand strong against my magazine urges otherwise I'd be broke) and I'm glad that my toe was wetted this month because the issue is very strong indeed. The latest issue contains some great menswear features and some of the best editorials that I've seen for some time. The best of the lot has now come online for our viewing pleasure as well as some unseen images and a film by Pierre Debusscher.

Have you seen my new lamp? Photography by Carlotta Manaigo and styling by Robbie Spencer.

Carlotta Manaigo and Robbie Spencer explored the idea of humans mutating with furniture and created some wonderfully weird and dreamlike looks in the process. There are certainly times throughout my everyday where I'd love to be able to mutate myself in to a soft furnishing of some description and how lovely to disguise myself as stylishly as the ones shown here.


Unknown said...

When I read the first sentence I naturally imagined the worst but phew, at least the worthwhile title (Homme +) will continue...

/Male Mode.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Male Mode: I was never 100% sold on Arena... it was too hit and miss tto warrant a regular submission of £3.50 (or whatever it was) but I agree that Homme Plus is a much more worthwhile publication.

Anonymous said...

I always preferred Arena over Homme Plus (all that unreadable text is annoying) but towards the end it was obvious that they had no idea who they were targeting anymore. In the last issue they had a 7 page spread dedicated to garden sheds next to a feature about how to wear roll ups.

Giancinephile said...

I'm not too big on Arena but I certainly would prefer it anytime over American publications like Details and GQ. It's sad news but I do hope the more directional publications continue.

May 10 Men, Arena Homme +, Fantastic Man, An Other Man, Man About Town, etc. continue to go stronger and stronger. These magazines really do matter in men's fashion. It would be so damn hard for me to accept if any of these magazines close down.

j said...

So I wonder if it is economic hard times or the web that is killing the mags...yes, you Steve!

Giancinephile said...

Anyways, something off topic. I remember a loooooong time ago you wrote some sort of rant on Sevigny designing menswear for Opening Ceremony. With the present collection images at Dazed, what do you think about them?

I kind of just feel a strong sense of mediocrity in it. I can't help it. haha

Matthew Spade said...

thats another one gone, lets hope the majority stay around, or we'll have to open our own magazine!

Keith said...

I had to see any magazines go out of business. Whenever I have the money to splurge, I always love to buy the latest issues of my favorite magazines. They help me to escape from my own drab life and worries.

Style Salvage Steve said...

JasonD: Arena was one of the magazines that I used to buy to help pass a train journey but I frequently flipped through it before the train left the station. I agree though that it was once a strong publication but lost its way.
J: Ha, I think the web does provide competition but for me the online offering really needs to improve.
Giancinephile: I would say the previous post was more of a puzzled mention as opposed to a rant. Having seen the collection, I'm still left puzzling...why?
Mat Ahoy: We might just have to roll up our sleeves, I'm almost ready.
Keith: I'm with you on this and I guess we just have to keep buying them.

TheSundayBest said...

Sometimes I think we read each other's blogging minds. I was going to do an A-Z of magazines for some time now, starting with Acne Paper and Antenna, and moving towards the dreaded Z's...Zoetrope maybe.

Now your little post has forced my hand. Or kicked me in the ass. Either way, good show.

Syed said...

I am actually seriously considering a Dazed subscription, the last few issues have been outstanding and I loved this month's new one too.


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