Monday, 30 March 2009

Private buying season is officially open.

This weekend I escaped London and found some cool sunshine on the Kentish coast (one of the reasons for the little holiday from posting). Before I left this fair city and after I had a few post work cocktails I swung by Omar Kashoura's and Carola Euler's private buying evening held at Cube where I could stake my claim for pieces from their aw09 collections. You might have caught my twitter updates but if not, I will elaborate on my Friday evening. Did I mention it was payday...? After a couple of well mixed mojitos and with a glass of wine in my hand I was like a fat kid in a sweet shop ordering quarter after quarter of treats and delights. In this instance the kid had grown up and was ordering the 'bridal piece' of Euler's collection (as proclaimed by Euler herself), two shirts by Euler and a cardigan and a shirt from Kashoura.

The shirt with armour like shoulder detailing and the wedding dress, the trench both by Carola Euler

On the train back to the coast, a little purchaser's guilt did creep in but I soon snapped myself out of it because my choices were the right ones and will fit in in and add to my wardrobe very nicely indeed. The art of my wardrobe building continues in earnest and I have to assure you that my purchases well extremely well thought out despite the consumer bravado brought on by the drink. I have been on the hunt for a grey trench coat for the last few months and as soon as I encountered this one over on BUCK my hunt was over. As for the white shirt, it is a classic which Euler has masterfully updated with her sculptural details. In all honesty, I could have quite happily walked away with both complete collections but I was strong willed and selected carefully.

All I have to do now is play the waiting game for my garments to be made. This really is a great way to buy clothes because it gives you a chance to speak to the designers themselves and make any slight amendments to your order. For example, unfortunately I am not blessed with Antonio Bracciani's perfect body (see issue nine of Fantastic Man) and garments frequently fit me how I'd like them to fit. Carola noticed this instantly and after looking up and down once more declared me to be in between a small and a medium...a smedium if you will (because I'm closer to a medium. Rather than ordering something that was not quite right, Euler would now make the necessary adjustments to create my perfect trench coat. I might not be blessed with the perfect or ideal body but I have found the perfect way to shop. More updates will follow as and when my orders are finished.


John said...

It would be interesting to know how much you spent? Or how much the pieces were? I know this is quite a personal question, but in terms of a designer adjusting their wares to individual customers, and for a designer who is starting out, I wonder what this costs to all involved?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above inquiry.
I often find myself really interested in a piece from a distance (page/blog/shop/etc.) but with such exclusivity it's hard to tell how much would something like that gorgeous white shirt would go for. I'm not in the fashion world so to speak, but I do find it odd that such information is often so illusive amongst some of the greatest fashion designers.

Maybe I'm simply not looking in the right places...

Style Salvage Steve said...
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John said...

Steve, that seems quite reasonable actually, given the level. I will have to pick you brains when you come 'round, it (private buying) is not something I have come in to contact with much (being a student) but it seems to be the way a lot of young designers are reaching an audience? I need to top up my business skills!

Style Salvage Steve said...

John: Both Carola and Omar are stocked in Japan. It frustrates me how the big UK stores won't take the risk on emerging designers but private buying allows the designers to show that there is a demand for their products. The answer for me lies in you having a strong website and making it clear that you are approachable. Too many designers build barriers between themselves and the consumer and it is just crazy.

Unknown said...

Gah, such a couplet of envy-inducing looks! The trench renders me speechless, and to think you're getting it made to order! Well done.

/Male Mode.


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