Friday, 6 March 2009

Picture Postcard: THE hair

Photo of the Moment - Robert Geller. Backstage photography by Eric Ray Davidson for The Moment.

Dear EJ

The weekend is almost here!

I stumbled across this backstage image on The Moment from Robert Geller's awesome vampire-styled show (WWD described it as Rogue Aristocracy - I'd love to be a rogue aristocrat... not sure they have those in Margate though...) and this is how I'll wear my hair this weekend. This image made me think of my last visit to Manchester where you always sculpting my hair into a similar style, so I'm sure you'll approve of this. Who knows maybe next time I visit my hair might not require your input but I think I need to experiment with a number of products until I can fully pull off this style... I will keep you posted.

Lots of love


Hola Steve!

Loving this image! So exact and perfect... it's a good thing that models don't have to go outside, it's been so windy here lately there's no way that coiffure would stay in place! I am definitely over fringes on men now though, so this style very much appeals. I think it helps to be as handsome as this chap though!



Izzy said...

It's almost like a pompadour swept to the side. It takes such an effort to achieve, a good twenty minutes of blow-drying and pulling. Funny though, this 'do doesn't seem to jive well with lazy, casual outfits; it only seems to work with polished tailored looks.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Izzy: It really is something special. I quite like the idea of combining a hairstyle wich requires such a effort with a relaxed outfit...I will experiment over the course of the weekend.

Unknown said...

I tried pompadour-ing my hair recently. It was actually quite easy to achieve the effect but there's a sizeable difference between a model's wearing a pomp. and mine...superb bone structure is required I reckon!

/Male Mode.


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