Sunday, 8 March 2009

Fashion Weeks Illustrated

Over the course of the weekend I've come across two separate examples of runway activity being interpreted by the pencil to wonderful effect. Regular readers might recall our Men Represent Sketch Challenge which showcased some talented individuals whilst revealing our own lack of talent. I wish I could sketch but have since accepted that I'm talentless in this area. Thankfully these two, more than make up for my shortcomings.

As a regular reader of his blog I was pleased to see that Valet recently asked What I Saw Today to illustrate their top ten spring/summer collections—each with a key piece you should have in your wardrobe when the weather turns. This is a great little feature because they accompany the wonderful sketches with text which break down the shows into bite size chunks whilst picking out the key pieces.

Similarly, Topman asked Kate Wilson to pick out some of her favourite outfits from the AW 09 MAN show and she created these fantastic illustrations.

Oh if only I could draw....


Ca said...

Me too, I'm horrible at drawing.

Inspiring sketches, just how I like to be updated on trends and fashion instead of going through endless collections online or in magazines. Much more creative.

Matthew Spade said...

yeh me too, im distinctly average when i comes to sketching models even though i have a art background. sometimes im ok but nothing worth sharing.

what i saw today is blummin' awsome isnt it, its so inspirational.


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