Thursday, 6 May 2010

Enjoying A. Hallucination for AW10

A. Hallucination AW10: Modern dandies that are certainly real.

A couple of months may have passed since Menswear Day at London Fashion Week but our collective blogging mind is still a hive of activity with thoughts on the collections we discovered on that busy, busy day. As soon as our heartbeats returned to a safe level we explored a number of our favourite collections in some detail and were pretty confident that we have covered practically everything we wanted to. However, just before our long, lazy Bank Holiday weekend we stumbled upon an exciting design duo for the first time. A. Hallucination launched their debut collection during London Fashion Week but somehow their modern English dandies were lost amongst the hoards but thankfully, no longer...

A. Hallucination is the realised imagination of two menswear graduates of Central Saint Martins, Hwan Sun Park and Chung Chung Lee. Having gained vital design experience at Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Ozwald Boateng and Burberry the pair decided AW10 was the perfect time to launch their own label. A label that catered to the new English dandy. The collection presents a sharp, contemporary take on classic British tailoring by infusing urban city wear influences while the styling offers a modern twist to a classic look.

Entitled 'The First Peal', the main theme of the collection is the interplay between modern and classic design and the design duo looked to London's scenery for inspiration. The pieces fuse both formal and more casual elements seamlessly in much the same way as opposing but complimentary architecture like St Paul's Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge sit in close proximity. In my the same way as the city skyline, the clothes seemingly begin from a traditional stand point but rather than being nostalgic and whimsical, the collection evolves to reflect the spirit of twenty first century gentleman...

A number of labels attempt to combine a street and sport aesthetic with formal tailoring but very few truly pull it off. Regular readers will remember how much I drooled (and in fact continue to do so) over Casely-Hayford's AW09 collection because it mastered this delicate balance act. Outside of Casely-Hayford I've struggled to come across any other label that successfully combines formal tailoring with street wear...until now.

The pieces are equally translatable for work, casual and evening activities as they present a sleek, sophisticated look for everyday wear. Standout items include darted slim tailored side seamless jackets, interestingly cut shirts, low crotch but still wonderfully tailored trousers and quilted jackets inspired by Argyle check.

I'm still left scratching my head as to how I missed them at LFW but no matter, Ive found them now. As it stands A. Hallucination do not have any stockists but the duo are in talks with a number of stores in London, New York and Seoul. Having only just discovered this label, I'll be keeping an interested and supportive eye on its development. A. Hallucination's dandies are certainly real and they are undoubtedly a welcome sight for tired eyes.


Dudù (Schimera Antonio) said...


Voucher Codes said...

This is very nice and beautiful.Fit and perfect collection.

Reena Rai said...

As I admitted on Wednesday, I know nothing about menswear. However, I do really like this collection. I love the cut of the suits

Charleston said...

I've been craving a blog that offers such enrinched menswear reviews like this. A big thanks for introducing a designer I was previously unaware of! charleston

Style Salvage Steve said...

Dudu: It sure is.
Reena Rai: You don't need to know anything, you obviously have good taste.
Charleston: Thanks! I can't help but share any interesting find I stumble across.


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