Friday, 7 May 2010

A jacket dips a toe in to Africa

Into Africa via the Darkroom. This is not the BBC's latest election graphic.

As previously mentioned, this summer the Darkroom is bringing a dash of colour to Bloomsbury with their latest in-store event, titled Into Africa. The exhibition kicked off last month, the showcase explores modernist interpretations of indigenous Africa textiles, jewellery and art. Designs include a limited edition range of laptop and pouch bags by Harris Elliott, a range of hats made from vibrant Africa cotton by Noel Stewart, limited edition prints from David David’s archive of bold geometric patterns, jewellery pieces by Florian, Corrie Williamson and Fred Butler using Brie Harrison prints, as well as a range of leather wallets in vibrant colours by menswear designer Kenneth MacKenzie of 6876. So much caught my eye but it was a bowl of colourful print bow ties and handkerchiefs in vibrant African fabrics that I fell for. Earlier this week I returned to the store to pick out my favourite design to help brighten up my breast pocket...

These would certainly liven up any jacket.

The selection reminded me of my temptation to give the styling of Casely-Hayford's SS10 presentation a try but before I cover my arms in eye catching hankersleeves I might just liven up the breast pocket of an old jacket first. This season I'm striving to add a little something extra to my daily outfit, a bit of pomp, colour, a sense of humour and the Darkroom's handkerchief is a great start. Having made my choice I ventured to the till where I was told that it was in fact a gift from the lovely ladies of Darkroom. I was so happy.

Slowly coming around to the idea of flashes of colourful print

Now, if you like us stayed up past their bed times last night waiting with interest at the election results or lack thereof the above outfit might resemble a BBC voting graphic. I have to assure you though that the prints inclusion of the three leading parties colours is sure coincidence but given these uncertain times it is quite apt. This handkerchief signals the beginning of my experimentation with prints. It is time to have a little fun getting dressed each morning.


Isabelle said...

Totes a fan of African print, and it's a nice way for men to add a bit of colour.

Richard said...

Who's the designer/ manufacturer for the hankie, Steve?

Barima said...

Keep in mind that I'm very much surrounded by such fabrics these days, Steve. A hand rolled square probably isn't difficult to commission here; well structured hats and bags, on the other hand, are

The ne plus ultra is our indigenous fabrics in silk. There's a weaving village in my tribal region that I aim to return to whilst I continue to live here in Accra

All best,


Matthew Spade said...

print is something that i just don't have, want but lack. look forward to seeing what's next

Style Salvage Steve said...

Isabelle: This is just the start...soon it will be full on hankersleeves!
Richard: The hankie is made by the Darkroom. The store offers a few in house products and each one is strong.
Barima: Of course. I just watched an interesting documentary on Matisse and I'm even more keen to experiment further with colour and bold prints.
Mat: I've always been a little frightened by more. I'll kep you updated!


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