Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Style Stalking... Jason Dike

It is once again time to partake in a spot of sartorial voyeurism. As we shade ourselves from the warm spell, we're lurking in the shadows to enjoy one our favourite past times: Style Stalking. Today's subject is Jason Dike, a stylish chap who tends to avoid the limelight, preferring instead to focus on unearthing well crafted menswear labels from across the globe or featuring the latest product releases from our favourite brands for Selectism, Gentleman's Corner and Esquire. You have undoubtedly read his smile inducing musings on men's fashion but only the lucky few have ever been able to admire his own style... until now. Below is a brief introduction from the man himself followed by his six day style diary...

"I find it difficult to describe my style, but basically I dress scruffily and then wear nice shoes in an attempt to make up for it"

Day One: Reminiscing over the old Selectism logo (Hackett forced us to remove it) at Sane Communications.
Outfit Rundown: Shirt by Wood Wood, sweatshirt by Our Legacy, Jeans by APC, shoes by Lodger, bag by Mismo Shopper, the Glasses are my brothers old Clubmasters

Day Two: Posing by a wall on my way to pick up some samples.
Outfit Rundown: Cardigan by and i, shirt by Carhartt, the Bandanna is vintage, chinos are from Uniqlo, Shoes are by Grenson and the bag is by Jas MB

Day Three: In Sane Communications office again. I just like it there.
Outfit Rundown: Overshirt by Robert Geller for Levis, shirt by Wood Wood, chinos from Uniqlo, Brogues by Grenson

Day Four: Running about for meetings.
Outfit Rundown: Sweatshirt by Our Legacy, the shirt is vintage Ralph Lauren, chinos from Uniqlo, Trainers by Spring Court and bag by Jas MB.

Day Five: Erm, I'm sitting in a couch, I guess. This is what happens when the person photographing you asks to meet in weird places...
Outfit Rundown: Shirt by Comme Des Garcons Shirt, jumper by Carolyn Massey, jeans by APC, socks by Happy Socks and shoes by Lodger.

Day Six: It just got hot in the UK, making the rest of this diary look like I did it three months ago.
Outfit Rundown: Shirt by Dunning, chinos from Uniqlo and trainers by Skive


Michael K said...

I really love his looks and Day Five has sold me on the suede brogues with jeans...

Unknown said...

That Massey jumper is bit saliva-inducing to say the least...


Style Salvage Steve said...

Michael K: Good. It has to be the right pair of suede brogues and those Lodgers are the right pair.
Cillian: The cable knit is beautiful isn't it...I regret not picking one up for myself.

Matthew Spade said...

ohhh we dress quite similar. just bought some baggy chinos the other day so i've been wearing them no-stop. bought them 2 sizes too big. love the green trousers on the last pic and his bright blue sock action

Khakanaka said...



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