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In Discussion: Tell us about the most stylish man you've ever known

The b Store consistently offers a modern and accessible concept, cohesive throughout the store and in its eponymous clothing, shoe collections and magazine; to be individual, confident and to define its own unique aesthetic that transcends trends. In each pursuit, it draws inspiration from their mutual interests of art, music and film and look in particular to musical icons such as the late ’70s Berlin-influenced David Bowie and ‘80s post-punk bands including Joy Division and the Human League. For their own line, Dustin Hoffman's character in The Graduate paved the way for their preppy SS10 collection and for AW10 a jaded aristocrat exploring his country estate dress provided the inspiration but who is the most stylish man that b store's very own Matthew Murphy has ever known? Read on and you'll find out...


Tell us about the most stylish man you've ever known...


Matthew Murphy, Owner/Buyer/Designer at b Store.

We have been inspired by many different iconicly stylish men through out the many years of b store. On personal reflection, my great Uncle Arthur was a very stylish man, all be it in a classic working class English way, although at the time I never appreciated his style. His daily look involved; hair cut in a short back and sides so you could see his scalp and the top Brylcreamed back, high waisted wool trousers with button on braces and a little short, white loose shirt, undone at the neck with a tied neckerchief and a heavy, almost military black shoe.

He did not drive so rode his Runwell town bike everywhere, with his trousers kept in place with a bicycle clip at the ankle. He was a very frugal man, so made sure his clothes were not discarded until they were unrepairable, which led to many blazers and trousers being patched at the knee and elbow, something which I now attribute to his style. His style cost him many problems with his bike riding. He was very rarely seen without his trilby but he lost many and a favourite big tweed overcoat had rips at the bottom, from being caught in the chain. He kept a double breasted grey wool tweed suit as his 'Sunday Best' complimented with a small bow tie.

Do any of you have an Uncle Arthur like figure in your family? A man with a definite personal uniform that would be worn regardless of whether or not it was entirely practical. Someone who would wear his clothes until they were unrepairable. I'm reminded of Paula Gerbase's question at the end of her discussion entry. Does uniform hinder personal style and creativity or does it in fact focus it by giving one boundaries to play with?

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