Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Farah Launches 1920 To Celebrate Reaching Ninety

Ninety years of Farah.

We seem to have entered birthday season. First it was the turn of my Sister who celebrated her 31st birthday, then we gave fifty bumps to Dr Martens, then Ally Cappelino blew out thirty candles and now it is time to raise a glass to ninety years of Farah. Founded in 1920 in El Paso, Texas, Farah has an astonishing history and in truth, I knew very little of it until now. If you met the old man equivalent he would be sitting in a dark corner of a bar somewhere wearing a battered chambray shirt and worn out chinos telling stories all day long as he gently lapped down a whisky or three. Starting with its first product, the chambray shirt, Farah developed in to a garment manufacturer producing workwear for millions of Americans and uniforms for the US Military. Post war, Farah became a rival to the denim giants in jean making while helping fuel casual clothing culture, firstly in America and then the world. By the 1970s, it was truly an international name in clothing manufacture. It is emerged as a household name thanks to its hopsack trouser which was an icon of its age, adopted and celebrated by some of the UK's most vocal and vibrant subcultures both then and still today. The anniversary has provided the catalyst to revisit the history and to show off the undeniable heritage of the Farah brand. So, to celebrate the brand has unveiled '1920', a new premium capsule collection that revives the company's remarkable back catalogue. The new '1920' line distills Farah's heritage in a capsule collection that celebrates the best pieces from its extensive archive. The comprehensive collection comprises of chambray workshirts, wool/cotton undershirts, army chinos, pea coats, duffel coats, CPO shirts, work jackets, selvage denim jeans, slim cut twill trousers, oxford button downs and polo shirts...

Clockwise from top left; Handknit traditional motif cardigan from 1950 (the piece I have my eye on), CPO Shirt from 1942 and classic oxford button down.

Clockwise from left; The original, the Chambray work shirt from 1920, White Oak selvage denim jeans from 1953 and classic oxford shirt.

From clockwise top left; Workwear shirt, US Navy Duffle Coat and Peacoat, both from 1941.

I just love how the materials and details are faithful to the original pieces. The resulting collection is an authentic testimonial to the admirable heritage of this iconic manufacturer. Meticulous detail has been applied to even the packaging and labeling of the garments. Original paper dyed labels go in 1920s chambray shirts, branded 'El Paso, Texas'. Army specification chinos and naval pea coats carry military department cotton labels marked with moel numbers used by American servicemen of the 1940. The famous and mod friendly button down shirts, slim cut twill trousers and polo shirts all bear flat sealed labels - signing off the collection.

I had great fun geeking out with this selection of fondly reproduced labels and buttons

Each piece is key in the Farah archive, dating from the 1920s through to the 1960s. This is a capsule collection that fondly looks backwards but still is contemporary. and wearable today These vintage reproductions will be strictly limited to ninety of each design and should be available in stores from September.


Blogged up! said...

The Chambray work shirt is REALLY awsome !
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Matthew Spade said...

i still associate the brand with darts players, couldn't tell you why mind. the archive looks great.

Erectizm said...

This is proper heritage. The CPO shirt shall be obtained.


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