Thursday, 20 May 2010

Style Salvage Speaks to... Erik Schedin

Erik Schedin specializes in offering an extremely select collection of products. Initially the collection might seem a little disparate, random even but the underlying connecting thread between them is that each item exhibits a distinctly clean, understated design. Erik Schedin keeps it simple and there is something quite beautiful about that. The project began six years ago when Schedin, then a student at Beckmans College of Design, began producing his own footwear. The all-white leather shoes have a perforated lining and are devoid of any logos or branding and initially came in one size 44. The website was launched in 2008 and it was at this point that Schedin came to our attention via a post on A Continuous Lean. In the beginning Schedin offered three products, white sneakers (as featured on today's recommendation over on Fantastic Man), American Optical frames and Pledge furniture wax. The simplicity of the site and its offering struck a chord with Michael and it certainly did with us, thankfully Erik Schedin continues to keep it simple. Since the launch Schedin has methodically added new items to the site, including a pair of beautiful tote bags made from vintage sails and boat covers, a baseball cap, an ACME whistle and his favourite boots made by Danner. After recently hearing about his new line of releases dropping at Dover Street Market we just had to sit down and learn more about the man behind it all...

Erik Schedin's collection of products.

SS: What were your inspiration, your dreams, and the driving catalyst behind your line?
Erik Schedin: My idea / inspiration was to create products for myself. Products that I´ve always had a hard time finding, things that I felt were missing. It all started with the white sneakers that I designed in the beginning of 2004 as my final project at Beckmans College of Design. To put the shoes in a context I choose / designed other products to make a concept that reflected my style that could easily be identified by an observer.

SS: Aside from it being your name, what does Erik Schedin mean to you?
Erik Schedin: I wanted all products to give a hint of who I am as a person without a textual explanation. I'm a perfectionist, a control freak, which I think is shown by the products that I've chosen and how they are presented. I've always been very precise and sometimes I have a hard time when wanting to organize and arrange all things around me. It takes a lot of time and can be really frustrating. You could say that my webshop and I go together; creating the concept was one way to express all these feelings.

New releases: Shoes in a full range of men's sizes, 41-45. Bag made from boat cover fabric. Available at and at Dover Street Market.

SS: What were the first and last item you remember designing?
Erik Schedin: I don't remember the first thing that I designed but I've always, since I was very young been very keen and conservative on what to wear. The last thing that I designed was the tote bag which was a re-make of the two bags that I had made earlier for my site.

Where it all began, Schedin's white sneakers which he designed in 2004. These were featured over on Fantastic Man this morning. If they are good enough for Gert then they are good enough for us.

SS: Could you talk us through your current range and how it has evolved ...
Erik Schedin: I designed the sneakers in the beginning of 2004, they were first produced in one size only, 44, and released on my website in 2008. In the beginning I had three products, the sneakers, the American Optical frames and the Pledge furniture wax. The frames had previously been used by the Swedish army and when they where being phased out I got the opportunity to buy the remaining stock. The Pledge furniture wax is unfortunately not possible to get anymore either, they stopped producing it at the same time as I released my site and I think that I got some of the last bottles. It reflects a sense of perfection and pokes fun at me being such a control freak.

In the autumn of 2009 I added two pairs of tote bags which where made from vintage sails and boat covers. When re-designing them I ended up with one bag made from a new cotton fabric, which is normally used for boat covers. It has a fantastic surface that easily crinkles and gets a nice worn look after being used for a while. At the same time when adding the tote bags, I put up an image of my father´s old radio direction finder. He had it in our old sailing boat when I was a kid and it contributed nicely to the already nautical feel.

Last spring I added the Baseball cap which is one of my own designs. It's very simple but was one of these items that I always had a very hard time to find, I remember that I've been looking for such a cap since I was a kid. The ACME whistle goes together with the cap and adds something extra to it. At the same time I got the opportunity to sell the boots made by Danner which had for a long time been my favourite boots. They were designed in 1979 and made in the USA only for the Japanese market. I had an idea of making a pair of boots earlier but it was hard making something better when I always got back to these fantastic boots in my memory.

These Light Boots made by Danner are the most recent addition to the lineup.

SS: Could you describe some of the processes involved in creating your trainers, bags and accessories?
Erik Schedin: It always takes a very long time to develop the products which is kind of the whole idea. Everything has to be perfect and all products have to work together with the other ones. Nothing is added by coincidence and everything has been thought through a million times.

SS: Your products are currently exclusively available in DSM and online. Firstly, how did you begin working with DSM and are you looking grow your physical stockists?
Erik Schedin: I contacted DSM since I've always been a huge fan of the store. I was thrilled when they showed their interest in my products and felt that it would be a perfect place to be represented. Also being just in one shop felt like a perfect start.

American Optical Frames.

SS: I'm intrigued as to whether your products reflect your broader aesthetics in fashion, industrial design and architecture? Do you apply the same rigorous minimalist approach to life?
Erik Schedin: I think it goes together, it´s kind of hard to separate them.

SS: Is there an item of clothing or accessory that you'd like to see more men wear?
Erik Schedin: My white sneakers, he he.

The Baseball cap was added to the collection last Spring.

SS: How do you see the brand developing over the next few years?
Erik Schedin: I will keep adding carefully selected products to the concept and webshop.

SS: Finally, would you be able to share a few address book recommendation to our readers which we will duly add to our map...
Erik Schedin: My best tip would be GH Herrsalong in Stockholm. Günther Hansel who started up his business about 35 years ago is the best hairdresser that I've ever met. He takes perfectionism to a whole new level. Unfortunately he´s about to retire and only works on Mondays, but it´s definitely worth adapting one´s schedule to his working hours. Lästmakargatan 6, 11144 Stockholm.

Our favourite piece from the collection. Tote made from boat cover fabric



Anonymous said...

Oh em gee that tote is amazing. Great selection. Having been on his site is it strange that I want some Pledge?

Matthew Spade said...

they are some super slick products and lovely way to display them. i love that tote and the glasses are a great idea.

hopefully big things will await...

Style Salvage Steve said...

Anonymous: Ha! A little strange but I can see why.
Mat: Yes, those are my favourite products too. I really need to purchase more frames!

enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

Très intéressant cette sélection ça m'interpelle vraiment.



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