Saturday, 26 June 2010

Floaty light accessory

1205's Silk Georgette Scarf

With 1205 Paula Gerbase offers a unique concept of a functional unisex wardrobe. Carefully considered pieces for men and women that can be worn effortlessly by either. Regardless of gender the debut collection for SS10 showcases Gerbase’s now trademark sensitive use of luxury fabrics and erudite pattern construction for a modern-contemporary muse. While admiring the collection a few months back, I took the opportunity to sit down with the designer to discuss the label in more detail. Comfort, playing with colour and mixing fabrics were all key themes running through this collection. As well as falling head over heels for her design I started to imagine Gerbase's imagined androgynously tailored world. The combination of this glorious spell of warm weather and the generous oki-ni sale finally played my hand and now I'm a proud owner of one of Gerbase's designs...

A close up...Silk Georgette scarf worn with J+ Uniqlo chambray shirt

Despite being a huge admirer of the unstructured cardigan I decided my wardrobe needed lightening up a different way so plumped for the Silk Georgette Scarf. The printed silk appears to depict a floaty light cloud scene but during my studio visit I learned how Gerbase had photographed wool before blowing it up. The fact that she has integrated such a masculine fabric in wool and feminised it in such a way sums up the label quite beautifully. Now, all I need to do is experiment with the different ways of wearing it.

Silk Georgette scarf worn with J+ Uniqlo chambray shirt.


Matthew Spade said...

really suits you steve, with that shirt too. my summer wardrobe is naff to the max

Anonymous said...

The patter is so soft and pretty and the scarf itself is very floaty and femme; and yet the way you've teamed it with the chambray has it looking like it was designed to be around a WW1 bomber's neck.

It is a truly beautiful piece and I can't wait to see how you style it further.



well everyone to their own opinion

oiroy said...

i can't even how amazing that silk georgette felt.

Unknown said...

Pretty spiffing. I love how it blends quite a masculine colour palette with a v. femme texture.


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

beautiful scarf!


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