Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sneezing, Moscot and Me

After being frustratingly absent during the Bank Holiday weekend, the sun has returned to brighten up the collective mood. Its shining presence confirms that we are in fact in the month of June and I can begin to trust my iCal once more. The only downside with this is that the bright sunshine frequently causes me to sneeze; I am one of the many people afflicted with photic sneeze reflex. When exposed to bright light I sneeze, in some instances as many as seven times consecutively. With the trip to Pitti looming I decided that a style prescription was in order because I just cannot sneeze uncontrollable in the presence of such dapper men, and my current sunglasses are a little battered to put it politely. After a brief but frenetic search for the perfect pair of sunglasses I stumbled in to Liberty and came across my ideal frames: Moscot's Brown Crystal Lemtosh.

Moscot has been something of an eyewear institution in New York City for ninety five years but this is my first pair. Patriach Hyman Moscot began selling well crafted eyeglasses from a pushcart in Manhatten in the early 1900s and today, fourth generation Moscot siblings, Kenny and Dr Harvey Moscot, uphold the Moscot mission. Last Summer, the family run business took retro back to the future with the release of a new website and seven new 'classically styled' spectacles and sunglasses. The brown and crystal colorway on their signature Lemtosh frames was the real highlight. At the time of their release I wasn't quite bold enough to purchase them and while they still might be too bold for some, having tried them on in my favourite department store I found that the strange colourway really suits my own odd colouring. After a Summer squinting and sneezing I just had to remedy my previous mistakes and fortunately picked up the only remaining pair in Liberty.

The brown crystal fade is so unusual but works perfectly with my odd colouring.

Moscot Originals iconic frames precisely replicate the brand's most popular and enduring styles from the last ninety five years down to the very last detail. Moscot Original Sunglases take vintage even further by precisely replicating the old school lens colours first fabricated by the brand in the 1940s. I particularly love the yellow/brown tinge the lens give my sight. I feel instantly transported to the 1970s.

A look through the lens of Moscot's Brown Crystal Lemtosh

Despite all Moscot’s history, Rayban’s are still the most popular name in sunglasses. I love the originality and craftsmanship of mine. Having finally dipped my toe in Moscot's optical waters something tells me I might just jump in a buy a few more pairs. No more squinting and sneezing for me.


Izzy said...

Nice shades, I can imagine them going well with your hair color. Re: photic sneeze reflex, how do you fare with strobe lights? ha ha

naboonies @ DUNIA FASHYON said...

Beautiful pair of sunglasses. I was contemplating to get prescription glasses from their site but it was so risky - I fear the shape of the frame will not flatter my face (despite they have a virtual try-on thingy)

I'm glad you own a pair of Moscot. Envious, really haha. You make me want to just shop from their online store immediately!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Izzy: They do. I'll update the post as soon as I find someone to shoot me wearing them. Strobe lights are fine actually...I'm just allergic to sunshine.
Naboonies: Thanks! I've always been reluctant to buy glasses/sunglasses online because I think you have to try them on to be sure they suit you. I hope you are able to find a local stockist one day soon.

Martin said...

Nice sunglasses. Perhaps I should try. I'm also a photic sneezer (and strobe lights get me too!) but sunglasses don't stop the reaction. Maybe I should just try stronger sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

I'm considering Lemtosh frames, and I was wondering if you would be able to post a picture of you wearing them. I haven't found anyone wearing this color so I'm curious to see how they would look.
Thank you!


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