Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Lodger's Shoe Of The Month

The first of June has been something of a disappointment. The grey skies have alternated between a dribble then a downpour throughout the day. As I type this I'm a drowned, grouchy rat but before I jump in to a hot shower and declare an end to this torrid day, I have to share one of the few positives to come out of the day, Lodger's shoe of the month. If, like me, you've been cursing the weather and the month of June alike, the sight of these shoes will certainly change the mood...

The Two Tone Desert Boot sitting proudly atop of the sand in Lodger's window.

For their June Shoe of the Month, the nice folks at Lodger have reinterpreted their classic desert boot for the summer months. Inspired by sandy shorelines, the Two-Tone Desert Boot marries pebble grey quarters with a sandy white vamp, creating a modern update to the traditional two-piece pattern. The pastel suede palette sums up my fondest beach memories. Just looking at this shoe transports me back to summers spent on the Kent coast. Hunting for crabs by the rock pool, jumping off piers in to the cold, cold sea, scoffing melting ice cream and tip toeing my way across the burning sand. These feelings of nostalgia were only intensified by the transformed shop window beach scene.

A close look at the shoe of the month.

In keeping with the simple, relaxed style of the classic desert boot, Lodger have chosen a lightweight crepe sole which is ultra flexible and slipper like in comfort. The boots are made in fine calf suede and are completely unlined. They are perfect for going sock less (or why not opt for an invisible sock like Mr Hare ) this summer. Natural storm welt, light stitching and simple white laces complete the fresh, modern look. The Great British Summertime might still throw in the odd rainy day but these shoes with their pastel suedes will brighten up my mood.

A needed reminder that the British Summertime isn't all that bad.


Anonymous said...


joy said...

Wow I really didn't think desert boots could look so sleek!


KC said...

wow! those are beautiful. i'm gonna buy shoes today. i hope i find something equally fantastic.


Anna said...

So clean and simple.. makes me long for the Summer and hot weather.
These are the times when I wished I was a guy, haha!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Anonymous: It sure is!
Joy: There are a few examples but these are the sleekest.
KC: Good luck, let us know how you get on.
Anna: Thankfully the sun has finally returned in London which makes me want this boot even more. Hope you find the Summer and hot weather soon.


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