Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Discovering Pitti: AI_

The Who's/On/Next? 2010 accessories winning collection by AI_.

As previously mentioned this week, the finalists for this seasons Who's/On/Next? 2010 were a particularly strong design collective showcasing the diversity of the very best of Italian craft and design. However, AI_'s lightweight, sturdiness and simplicity combined with a passion for shape and surface textures saw Andrea Incontri’s designs deservedly scoop the accessories award. A number of Andrea Incontri's buffalo leather creations left my pulse racing and my shoulders wanting...

I am particularly fond of this super soft newspaper bag

The project is the brainchild of Andrea Incontri, a designer and an architect. Incontri has worked in the stylistic consulting and design field for the leather goods and textile industry aince 2000 His training in the field of architecture and his experiences with Fratelli Rossetti for leather goods, Pontoglio for textiles and Alessi for product design, reflect his interest in shape and material research influence the development of his own collection.

A stunning shoulder bag in chalk white buffalo leather.

AI_'s products showcases materials and basic shapes and are dedicated to both the feminine and the masculine. Lightness, transversal easy in his use. Bags, cases with different use functions, double stitched seams, with sartorial values to determine unlined and internally resined volumes. Lightness, resistance and simplicity are the main features of AI_'s collections. The surfaces explore the matter in a primary dimension: buffalo and calf leather in different textures, natural waxing, mat finishing refer to retrĂ² atmospheres. Incontri uses buffalo hides and stamped calfskin to create a new concept of “classic” inspired by the look of Italian leather goods from the 1950s.

Grey oversize backback.

Hobos, shoulder bags and backpacks describe a summerish idea of man while folded bags form the shape of their contents as the new seasons projects unfolds. For SS11 bags do not have linings but instead have an inside coating and hidden double stitches to create light, almost fluid shapes ideal for the warmer seasons. AI_ ultimately showcases excellent materials and Italian craftsmanship.

The complete AI_ range of accessories


oensh said...

ooh.. nice i heart bags...
love the soft, leather, canvas, whatever call it.. totally like it..

Syed said...

That grey backpack makes me happy beyond belief. I've been looking for a good leather sailor's duffel or backpack for ages.


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