Friday, 11 June 2010

The missing face fixture

The missed but not forgotten tortoiseshell specs by Bruno Chaussignand Lunettes just had to be repurchased.

Regular readers will remember that I went through a traumatic experience during a little over enthusiastic dancing at a New Years Eve party. I lost my beloved Bruno Chaussignand glasses. For months I had searched the streets and stalked the Internet for on the quest to uncover the perfect pair of tortoiseshell spectacles. I tried on countless frames but none of them felt right, that was until a good friend recommended Spex In The City to me. t was then, that the lovely proprietor, Gillian Caplan first introduced me to Bruno Chaussignand Lunettes and my ideal frames. Six months on and after growing fond of he latest face adornment, I wore them to a duuuurty warehouse party in Dalston in a moment of style over common sense. Of course I drank far too much bring your own booze and danced a little too hard. During a particularly raucous, audacious but ultimately disappointing move my glasses flew off my nose and in to the black hole that was the dance floor. From that moment on I have squinted and strained rather than wear any of the frames lying in the graveyard of specs located in the bottom drawer of my bureau. There was no replacement...until now.

Just beautiful. Oh how I've missed them.

The story of Bruno Chaussignand Lunettes is really the story of lifelong friends, Bruno Chaussignand, and Sandie Ortola. Their common passion for design and travel forged during a ten year friendship, which thankfully for us, inspired them to channel their creativity and excellence into eye wear. Rebuking current mass market production techniques, Bruno Chaussignand Lunettes hand-make each frame in France. These are then polished over three days to ensure a smooth and seamless finish, free from all superfluities. Lacquer is not applied at any time in production of the frames; all-natural materials are used to safeguard against potential allergy risks.

Bruno Chaussignand Lunettes take great pride in the exceptionally high quality of materials and workmanship that goes into producing each individual frame

It is obvious that Bruno Chaussignand Lunettes take great pride in the exceptionally high quality of materials and workmanship that goes into producing each individual frame. The moment I first put them on back in August last year I fell head over heels and invested in a pair. Over the course of the next few months I rarely took them off because I felt somewhat naked without them sitting astride my nose. Like all good frames, they became an extension of my face. So after a few months of scraping a few pennies together, I invested in another pair. My decision came in the nick of time because these are currently the last frames available in my desired style. I promise treat them with the respect that they deserve because I dont want to lose another pair!

My face is complete with these Bruno Chaussignand Lunettes


John said...

A cheeky little half-smile! What a pose!

Izzy said...

It's fascinating how things can make us feel complete. Nice photo, I need a new lens!

Syed said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous. My recent purchase of some tortoiseshell RX 5193's now seems a little lame lol.

KC said...

i also prefer tortoiseshell for my eyewear.. and i feel you when you feel so remorseful on the loss of such a special item. when we get fond of something, we start to identify ourselves with it, our experiences and our memories. a replacement should be of equal or greater quality.

Damien Tanner said...

Absolutely beautiful. I had a similar catastrophe some time ago and broke a vintage pair I knew I'd never find again. Then I was blessed by an angel, the owner of Opera Opera / Harpers makes bespoke glasses! The final price wasn't too far off a designer pair. I'm secretly hoping I loose these one day so I can design another pair ;)

Style Salvage Steve said...

John: That pose was especially for you!
Izzy: Thanks! Whatcamera do you have? I can send over some tips.
Syed: I'm sure your frames are beautiful.
KC: Agreed. I'll be taking good care of these.
Damien Tanner: Just the other day I was talking about collecting frames, it would make for an expensive but fun and stylish hobby.

snappy said...

Eye-wear is such a personal thing. They go on your face after all! And nothing feels better than the perfect pair of specs. Whether for sun or for reading, it represents your style, who you are. I understand your pain, we can all relate at some level.
Very snappy.
snappy x

Matthew Spade said...

finally "steve specs" is back in town

Style Salvage Steve said...

Snappy: Thanks! Agreed. I must've tried over thirty pairs of specs before finding these beauties but all that effort was worth it.
Mat: Watch out, Steve Specs is back in town!

Ca said...

Working in an eyewear store myself I know how you feel. When you have found the perfect pair, there is just no second choice.


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