Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wooyoungmi AW10

For AW10, Wooyoungmi focusses her attention on creation a timeless men’s wardrobe. Inspiration comes from the silent movie era, a time where stars would frequently communicate with an exaggerated style of dress. The Paris show itself wasset against a live performance of a twenty strong American brass band, provided felt bowtie-bibs, elegant cotton shirting and coats sporting large lapels made of a distressed knits. Here, she explores proportions and the boundaries of a classic wardrobe. There are times on the blog where I might talk too much. I won't fall in to this trap here. These beautiful black and white look book images speak for themselves so why not let them?

Wooyoungmi AW10

Last Summer, The New York Times discussed how South Korea was shaping up as the next hotbed of innovative menswear. Three of the country's most prominent designers have long been creating tailoring with a twist for an international audience just as Seoul itself is becoming something of a fashion center. Juun J, Songzio and Wooyoungmi frequently offer traditional shapes in new proportions and juxtapositions, leaving men's fashion lovers the world over a little breathless. For some odd reason they have up and until now been largely neglected on the pages of this blog but no more. I look forward to what these three talents serve up for SS11 later this month.


Hello said...

Beautiful garments! I especially like the voluminous silhouette of the trenches in the second to last picture.

joy said...

I love lookbooks that make men look like turn of the century cool. I am tried of waify shirtless men in tight clothes.

Did some research:
Small Dazed Digital interview:

Snappylifestyle said...

Yeah man, loving the lookbook and their style. Good stuff. P.S. It was good to catch up with you at GFW.

Yoshi said...

hello my name is yoshi

cool tailoring.classical tailoring is attractive for me.
each coats have the volume, I think it makes their mood masculine.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Hello: You have good taste sir!
Joy: Well researched! There really isn't that much written on Wooyoungmi but I enjoyed this interview.
Snappy: Good to see you man! We'll have to catch up outside of a 'work' environment one day soon.
Yoshi: Hey Yoshi! Thanks for commenting! I too love how Wooyoungmi experiments with classic tailoring.

Syed said...

Yes, yes and more yes. The photography is just as lovely as the clothing. I seriously want the flecked wool coat.


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