Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Style Stalking (Snapshot)... Fode Sylla

For the last six seasons my London Fashion Week has always begun with an elongated visit to the ever fruitful, Touba Distrubution curated, The Showroom Next Door. Each season, it exemplifies everything that I find exciting about design in London; namely it's diversity and sense of sartorial evolution and revolution. Ever since its inception in 2010, it has showcased a diverse yet complimentary band of international designers alongside emerging and established British talent. The idea behind the showroom was to create a wardrobe of menswear and they have undoubtedly excelled whilst expanding to offer womenswear and artwork.

Now, with covetable rails full of personal favourites including the likes of Casely-Hayford, Bunney, Hannah Martin, Armando Cabral and Bruno Chaussignand, I've often described the space as my dream walk in wardrobe. For Fode Sylla the dream is more tangible. Running the showroom, the rails are ever more tempting and accessible. As his style diary of last year demonstrated, despite temptation at every turn Sylla manages to seamlessly integrate a few of his favourite pieces from each designer in to his ever growing wardrobe. As the Showroom returned to London from its New York debut, I couldn't resist taking an updated snapshot...

Fode Sylla outside Gallery Lazarides wearing a hat by Moody and Farrell, sunglasses by Bruno Chaussignand, shirt by Comme des Garcons, jacket by Casely-Hayford, jumper by Tiger Sushi Furs, bracelet and badge by Bunney, jeans by Kitsune, socks by Comme des Garcons and Vintage gucci loafers.


Matthew Spade said...

king of cool perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Awesome look!! Great to see a man in a hat. Thanks for sharing.

Catherine said...

Really like this look, very dapper!


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