Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Bursts of colour for any weather

Wow, where did July come from? I'm certainly a little dazed and confused at the moment because London is burning. We are currently basking in glorious, uncensored sunshine but we have all experienced the unpredictable British summertime and I'm just waiting for the temperature to drop or the rain to leave me sodden. Living in ol'blighty throws up a great deal of style head scratching and even more so during the Summer months. John Smedley’s SS10 menswear collection uses fabrics suitable for anything thrown at it during the British summertime. During my recent post on my visit to John Smedley HQ I went on and on about how the latest technology was integrated with age old methods. This collection is no different. New mercerised cotton creates a range of crisp, lighter styles for warmer weather, cool merino wool for the milder days and new superfine merino jersey will be perfect for layering. There is more to this collection than protection against the weather though, just look at the bursts of colour.

"Colour can be quite medicinal, I think. Even if the weather is dark and gloomy, wearing colour rather than blending in with the clouds is much better - escapism even. A great colour can help lift your mood."

The above quote comes from Nicholas Thomas, John Smedley's Head of Menswear Design who gave these recent piece featured in the Guardian, Hannah Pool explored men's new found love of colour. You should recognise his name because he created quite a stir at Graduate Fashion Week in 2007 where he was joint winner of the River Island Gold Award, chosen for his marvellous patched knitted menswear. John Smedley snapped him up soon after and as this collection shows, it is a great fit for the young designer. The SS10 collection looks set to lift any mood regardless of the weather and I can certainly get on board with that.


Unknown said...

Love that really bold blue.


modernaged said...

I've been seeing that brash blue around quite a bit and I really, really dig it.

Man, this heat has given me a kick in the backside to get into colour myself, normally wearing clothes from the grey scale. This post may have sealed the deal.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Cassiopeia said...

Loving the mustard. It looks immense! Xxxc

Unknown said...

Is this collection going to be for Spring/Summer 2010?

I'm really loving the argyle-styled tshirt in the 2nd picture. Know of any other brands that I may find something similar?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Cillian: The blue is my favourite to. I really love the vibrant colours John Smedley are able to pull of with their knitwear.
modernaged: Good to hear, I've always been drawn to the grey scale as well, time for change and what better time than when the sun shines.
Cassiopeia: I currently love combining mustard and navy, it works so well!
joe: Yes this is Spring/Summer 2010 so will hit the shops around January time next year. I bought an Argyle top from Gap a few years back and I used to wear it all of the time...Fred Perry or Pringle would certainly be worth a look.

mensfashiondeals said...

Sometimes I look forward to those off days of summer when it isn't quite so hot. As much as I love light summer clothes... sometimes you want to kick it up a style notch.


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