Thursday, 9 July 2009

Living in illustration

Ever since I was old enough to open up a book I've always been enchanted by illustrations and a part of me always wanted to visit the drawn worlds of Blake and Sendak. Thanks to the ever visually stunning wecouldgrowuptogether I was introduced to the wonderful illustrations of Jonathon Reid Sevigny and now I want to visit his imagined world.

Sevigny's the reckless youth odyssey forced Kwannum to declare that this is a world where "boys wear short shorts and rolled-up skinny jeans, pairing those with saddle or green shoes, having awesome hair, pouting with melancholy, and looking like girls, wait, or are they girls?" and I couldn't put it better myself. The styling of these youths far out excels a number of magazine editorials I have seen in recent months alongside the short, shorts and cuffed skinnies there are oversized shirts, JW Anderson-esque knitwear and even a cape! If I had any artistic talent I would doodle scenes just like this but thankfully Sevigny has saved me the hassle and I will just spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying his illustrated stylish scenes.


Matthew Spade said...

these are so nice, i must check out more. they have such a whimsical feel to them.

Style Salvage Steve said...

These are my favourite but his other work is great also. The whimsical feel is accentuated when viewed whilst listening to Grizzly Bear. I am having a whimsical Thursday for sure.

Raj said...

These are soo cool

Giancinephile said...

Brilliant imagery.

Matthew Spade said...

grizzly bear, great choice

le roi aleks said...

now you CAN visit his imaginary world...

joanathan's life-size-cardboard-18th-century-fantasy-theatre will be inhabited by ten of montréal's finest contemporary dancers, a band of fourteen musicians playing on period instruments, a baroque singer, cardboard animals, clouds and much more.

the evening is hosted by supermodel/it-girl, irina lazareanu, who will offer up her own postmodern takes on the 18th century.

music by couperin, clérambault, de visée, lully, and schürmer/lazareanu.

with special guests, david simard and dj dirty dan.

august 3, 4, 5 at the interstice (242 young street, montréal)

visit for more details!

Andrew said...

Very nice visuals. Have such a story book feel to them. Gotta check more of this out.


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