Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Timo's statement neckwear

Ever since I turned EJ's eyes green with my Yokoo knitted cowl Ive been on the hunt for something lighter for the warmer months. Having grown up by the seaside I am severely tempted by Yokoo's ice cream chain but I have a feeling that Susie will just steal it from my grasp and I would never see it again, let alone wear it! Earlier this week the lovely Disneyrollergirl reminded me of the wares of New York design duo, Timo. I prefer the Elizabethan influenced ruff pieces over the bows I came across on Highsnobette's coverage of Capsule earlier in the inner dandy will be let loose in these! The duo’s creations are architectural accessories constructed using the finest leather, satin and cashmere, among other rich fabric blends, making them the perfect choice to adorn my neck in the sunshine.

1 comment:

tanya said...

gosh i think i'll have to get my boy some of them just so that i can steal them off him and wear them myself! haha i love sneaky presents to myself ;)


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