Friday, 31 July 2009

Happy Birthday Fashion156!

The ever wonderful Fashion156 recently blew out three candles and celebrated with a review issue looking back over three years of quality work. Three years after launching, it still shows how an online magazine can achieve that same feeling you get from flicking through your favourite glossy. Guy Hipwell is devoted to fashion, working sixteen to twenty hour days, seven days a week and with his talented team of interns and passionate helpers he has really set the online benchmark. We can't wait to see a lot more from on of our favourite online magazine but for now, let's wish them Happy Birthday and look over a few of the highlights along with a few words from Guy about his experiences over the last few years...

Chain knit sweater by Siv Stoldal. Pencil necklace, Husam El Odeh for Siv Stoldal. Wooden hat by Steve J & Yoni P. AW07/08. To see more from The Water Issue, click here.

On the high points...
"Just the great response and enthusiasm from our readers and being phoned out of the blue by the New York Times for an interview. Had no idea we were even on their radar!"

All items by Edward Sexton AW08/09. To see more from The London Fashion Week Issue, click here.

On the funniest moments...
"Always on the way back from our shoots - we are all so wired and tired we get kind of delirious!"

Visor by House of Flora. Blazer by Comme Des Garcons. Shirt by Nigel Cabourn. Bow-tie by Peckham Rye. AW08/09. To see more from The Hats & Headpieces Issue, click here.

On featured designers
"Following designers from their very first collections and watching them emerge as huge names that everyone talks about. We first featured Carolyn Massey back in early 2007 and she is one designer we absolutely love and will always support. I feel it is really important to support new generation talent as so many of them are struggling badly at the moment."

T-shirt by Material Boy. Shorts at Beyond Retro. Blazer by Maison Martin Margiela. Neckpiece by Little Shilpa. Socks at Sockshop. Hat by J. Smith Esquire. White loafers by Paul Smith. AW08/09. To see more of The Circus Issue, click here.

On the hair pulling out moments...
"We are all totally bald in the f156 office as literally every day is "nervous breakdown day". I always want the show pieces from the collections for my shoots and of course the PRs have to prioritise and established magazines take precedence. Plus we shoot twenty looks/images a day - a massive amount for our photographers - and I am literally running to get models changed and styled. It is always manic and chaotic!"

Leather Jacket, Shrunken Cardigan, Straw Hat and Printed Trousers by Marjan Pejoski. AW 08/09. To see more from The Segmented Issue, click here.

On his favourite shoots...
"The nightmarish ones, always turn out the best. The underwater shoot was one of the hardest to arrange as I wanted an ink blue pool, not the normal bright blue and no designers wanted to loan their collections to be ruined underwater. The Circus shoot when we were up to our knees in mud, I was nearly crying with frustration as we had racks of amazing clothing and I was terrified the whole lot would be ruined - meaning huge charges to my credit card. Oh yes, not forgetting the day we were nearly arrested in Richmond Park for not having the proper permit and wondering just what I was going to do with all the dozens of balloons we had suspended in the air as props."

Trousers and jacket by Carly Garwin. Shirt by Balenciaga. Shoes by Kurt Geiger. Socks by Topman. Brooch by Titi Madam SS 09. To see more from The Colour Issue, click here.

On the next three years...
"A brand new revamped site will be unveiled in September and then a huge party to coincide with the new website. Pipe dreams for a coffee table book of our images and a small e-shop selling some special one-off pieces."


guy said...

Dear Steve
So great of you to post this and thank you both for all your support. Looking forward to launching our new look site; will send you a preview as soon as we have something.

Take care

Guy @ x

Emma said...

I had no idea it had been around for so long. Love f156 and love your blog.

emsie said...

i heart f156!

DIY said...

I had never heard of this site. I am behind.


Style Salvage Steve said...

Guy: Happy Birthday! We are looking forward to the new look site as well, so exciting!
Emma: Thanks! The years do creep up, F156 always feels fresh though because of the timely editorials.
Emsie: We do too!
DIY: You have three years of work to catch up..make yourself a cup of tea and flick through.

Mat said...

it just gets better and better, my friend clare is currently working for them and she has been having a wonderful time.


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