Monday, 27 July 2009

Les mêmes lunettes

In a slight change to our normal posting, I thought I'd present you with a new feature: Style Blogger Glasses Trendwatch 2009 (note: may not be a regular feature)

Take special note of Thom's lovely white trousersThe classic: 'why are you still taking photos of us' look

Some of you may know that we recently met up with Thomas Wong and his lovely fiance Sharon in Paris. Stood side by side, I couldn't help noticing that Steve and Thom had something in common. Later on (sadly I don't have a photo, but maybe Steve will be so kind as to provide one) I noticed that they shared this with another friend of ours. That's right: tortoiseshell, thick framed glasses are taking over. This may be highly contagious. Watch out for the tell-tale symptoms in your local men's fashion blogger.

(Additional: this man had rather nice shoes so I just had to sneak a shot. Click to enlarge and then tell me the make.)
That's Steve on the right, trying to block my shot


Mat said...

mmhmm mine are think frame and tortoise shell so snap snap and triple snap. bet you guys had a great time. and those shoes are super cool, wonder what brand they are.

Izzy said...

I just had my tortoiseshell wayfarers' lenses changed into clear, so there, you have another style blogger with tortoiseshell glasses. :)

Very interesting shoes! From afar I had thought the gray part was socks and the shoes were some sort of sandal comprised of only the wing tip and the lace up part of the shoe. (Pardon the inarticulate description, I just woke up.) But the way the wing tip isn't fully attached to the gray part intrigues me, is it intentional or is the shoe just old and worn?

Mr Brown said...

Taking over? Taken more like.

Tortoiseshell thick frames have been a staple in terms of eye furniture for eons.

Gold and Silver frames, circa. '84 are the creeping force. Confusing for many now, but destined to take over the institution.


Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Timberland Boot Company?

Alex Fiddock said...


lb said...

Wow! Really awesome shoes!

chiffon doll said...

They mightttt be John Varvatos, but it could just be a vintage shoe :)


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