Tuesday, 3 February 2009

London and the resurrection of E. Tautz

I have a stinking cold today so feel pretty sorry for myself but there is reason to be cheerful. Thankfully, it is now only a matter of a few weeks until we get to experience the first (half) day of London Fashion Week wholly dedicated to menswear. The welcomed initiative from the BFC has grown out of the success of MAN and will increase the quota of men’s attire at Fashion Week. The all-male showcase will take place across the afternoon of 25 February in the grounds of the Natural History Museum and I can't wait to cover it!

“It’s exciting to be expanding the MAN project and getting wider recognition for the brilliant menswear coming out of London. Other big names joining MAN on the bill include Tim Soar, Carolyn Massey and E. Tautz .” Fashion East’s Lulu Kennedy (who we interviewed last year).

The list of designers create further reasons to be optimistic about the state of menswear in this fair city but as I am excited by all the featured designers, I am intrigued most by E. Tautz...because before last week's mention on A Continous Lean I was not aware of this distinguished sporting and military tailors.

Upon further investigation, the history of the brand is plain for all to see. For example, in 1895 Winston Churchill, aged just 21, became a customer at E. Tautz and his first order consisted of a pair of twill Tautz overalls but his as he grew older his wardrobe grew larger as E. Tautz decked him out in luuxurious pieces including white cashmere racing breeches and chocolate satin racing jackets with pink sleeves. However, it is thanks to the good people at Norton & Sons that we have the imminent relaunch of the storied house as a ready-to-wear collection.

It will be exciting to see so much emerging talent on show on the 25th but it is refreshing to see the seeming resurrection of such a historic brand which advocates skilled local manufacturing.

I will leave you with the following insight in to the etiquette of the house...

'We champion the notion of dressing properly and of men taking pride in what they wear. We adhere to the age old belief that how you dress reflects your respect for the event and for your host. Edward VIII said it best. 'Be always well and suitably dressed for every conceivable occasion.'


John said...

Looking forward to seeing the E.Tautz show, hope it's not too conservative. Desperstely need tickets to MAN...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up guys. It will be lovely to see this relaunch of a forgotten brand amongst all of the emerging talent - a true celebration of men's fashion.

Anonymous said...

would you...possibly be able to do a valentines day gift guide for the man in your life?
i am really really stuck on what to get my boy!
any help would be much appreciated!

fuchsiaboy said...

I love the etiquette of the house!

Unknown said...

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