Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A look inside my wardrobe

Organised chaos...the keep pile of tshirts, jumpers and trousers.

Last week EJ came to town to celebrate my birthday but whilst lavishing gifts on me she also used this time to carry out her threat of sorting through my wardrobe. Every item of clothing I own (we saved shoes for another time) was removed from my drawers, wardrobe, the back of chairs and even the laundry basket and we sorted through them. One by one we judged each item and categorised them into three piles...keep, charity shop, mend. I had been dreading this task because I feared that I would not be ruthless enough to sort through my clothing in this manner but I surprised myself. In fact I actually enjoyed myself. I could post in great length about the experience but rather than bore you with it all in one post, I will break it up to provide little snippets...after all, building a wardrobe is an art and I have only just started on my canvass.

The art of wardrobe building is not fast or haphazard; instead it is developed and nurtured over time. A mans wardrobe may rather eloquently tell the story of his life less ordinary. E. Tautz

As well as organising and demonstrating our sartorial ruthlessness we also took a colour inventory. The above picture of the inside of my wardrobe brings a certain Death Cab For Cutie song to mind...a lack of colour. When things calm down with my new job and all of this fashion week hoo-ha is behind us, I might even treat you to the odd pie chart or two (I know Thom will appreciate this) but until then I can say that 30% of my wardrobe is grey, 30% is navy/blue, 30% is brown (a surprising revelation for I even wear brown?) and the final 10% is built up of only a few more additional colours. I need to urgently acquaint my wardrobe with the spectrum of colour on offer and as soon as they become friends, I will let you know. In the meantime, how is your it time for an early Spring clean? If you can't face it alone I'm sure EJ will be more than happy to visit your wardrobe and bring out your own sartorial ruthless streak .


EJ said...

And I'd do it again! *shakes fist*

j said...

EJ, I think you found a new occupation. I would gladly hire you to sort through my wardrobe, but I live in the US and I can't swing the airfare!

Anonymous said...

I like this. I shall do this one day when I have the time to get my mess of a closet sorted.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the pie charts! I need to sort my closet out so badly, I have no idea what might be inside

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Your two closet organization entries have motivated me to sort out mine...there's some stuff I don't wear anymore.

Giancinephile said...

I envy how neat your wardrobe actually is. I think organized is not an adjective that I am in very good terms with. haha

It's surprising to discover that 30% of your wardrobe is brown! It's just not a a colour that's so friendly to me. I remember buying a double breasted blazer in brown and haven't seem to worn it yet because I feel iffy about it every single time. haha

Style Salvage Steve said...

EJ: I know you would and surprisingly that doesn't scare me. It was a necessity but a fun one.
J: I think she has get around the airfare maybe she could work via a video link?
The Fashionisto: It is amazing what you can find lurking in the bottom of a closet.
James: Pie charts will be on the way in the next couple of weeks.
RetroVintageModStyle: Thanks. I strictly applied the rule that if I couldn't remember wearing it and would be unlikely to wear it in the next three months then it went into the charity bag. I was ruthless.
Giancinephile: It was EJ's influence combined with Susie's nagging (in regards to clothes on chairs) that forced my hand but I'm glad that my hand was indeed forced. I am surprised as you are on the brown front, very strange indeed.

Matthew Spade said...

steve, anything in the charity shop file worthy of a trade?

Unknown said...

i think i need to be ruthless as well Steve; how much did you get rid of?

Giancinephile said...

Steve: I do hear you out on the clothes on chairs part! I do that all the time! haha

It serves the purpose of finding things easily other than rummaging through your own closet (well maybe I'm like this because mine's way too messed up).


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