Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Wardrobe Observations: 1 - Green with envy

Last week I mentioned the looming threat of EJ's visit to London where she has promised to ransack my wardrobe and scrutinise every piece...that day is drawing ever nearer. Before organising (and at times hiding items) the sorry excuse that is my wardrobe I have spent the morning scanning the contents and as well as invoking some form of fear deep within me...I have realised something...I need more green. We have frequently discussed the importance of colour in previous posts on the blog and its importance should not be underestimated. After my quick content survey it is clear that the predominant colours are grey, navy and blue...very few items deviate from this palette which is a shame. I only have two green items, one branded t shirt and one cashmere jumper...I need more. I've always known that green is certainly a colour which suits my skin and hair tones but I have been recently inspired by glimpses of green in two recent images posted by the Sartorialist and snippets of moss like shades on the the runway.

In addition to the wonderful theatre of the show, 'The McQueensberry Rules' contained a bounty of desirable stand-alone pieces. The show had a wealth of depth, every time I look at this collection I see another highlight but the above look is my current favourite and I love the earthy tones. For AW 09 Lanvin continued the blend of traditional luxe fabrics and technological twist but it was the mix of deep red and green accessories against the well cut relaxed suits which got me excited.

Away from the runway, the Sartorialist's smoking man from the Left Bank has combined the best example of a pea coat that I've seen all year with a lighter shade of green fingerless gloves. As for the other Sartorialist chap (captured outside the Lanvin show), The Sunday Best simply described him as perfectly executed and I could not agree more. This is one classy shade of green mixed perfectly with blue and purple, which ultimately creates a very dapper look....when I grow up I want to be this man.

This is the first of undoubtedly many wardrobe observations. I am a mere two days aways from EJ's visit so more posts will surely follow. When was the last time that you surveyed your wardrobe?


John said...

Following a recent trip to Cos (Westfield) and finding a treasure trove of 70%-off goodies, we are undertaking a wardrobe review. I say "we" - I am enforcing it. You know your wardrobe is too full when you physically can't fit another hanger on the rail. And so another trip to Ikea for ANOTHER chest of drawers... sigh

I did attempt to invest in some green trousers from Uniqlo recently but She said they looked more like snot - they didn't, they were like a country gent's walking trousers. But have since got a green plaid shirt and big green knit from Cos.

I wonder where colour fits in to the uniform concept? Which pieces are green?

TheSundayBest said...

Deep greens and purples ftw.

Style Salvage Steve said...

John: The hard times have hit the retail sector in recent months but it is our gain...good shopping. I know exactly what you mean about the need for another set of Ikea drawers...the trouble is before we have even got it home Susie would have filled it...
TheSundayBest: I just can't get enough of that heady mix. Pure perfection. Those two are now official members of my favourite colour team, go team!

Mouse said...

I resent being referred to as She! Capitalising it doesn't make it any better, mister.

And they WERE the colour of snot.

John said...

Sorry, next time I will call you Mouse. I didn't want to use your realy name!

They were a lovely deep moss :)

Ca said...

Yes, more green! I am also in the grey and navy blue field, with spicy additions of black and white... haha. And mostly mustard and purple, not so much green.

Izzy said...

Your blog is encouraging consumerism! I just picked up the green fingerless gloves from Topman today!


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