Monday, 16 February 2009

Style Salvage Speaks to... Jaiden rVa James

These are exciting times right now for menswear in London. To celebrate the fact that we are just over a week away from an afternoon dedicated to showcase some of our favourite designers we will be talking to a few of the reasons why we have every right to be excited. First up are Jaiden rVa James, a design duo (Rasharn de Vera Agyemang and Jaiden James) who aim to deliver cutting edge but always wearable designs whilst respecting and explore the male anatomy. Their SS09 collection (a selection if images provided below) saw them celebrate gingham with the colours of the English summer making us dream of an actual summer this year. On February 25th, Jaiden rVa James will take their place alongside Sibling (who will be providing a screening), Katie Eary and Martine Rose and we just cannot wait to see their installation... in the meantime here is our little chat with the guys.

Rasharn de Vera Agyemang and Jaiden James make up Jaiden rVa James

Style Salvage: How would you describe your work?
Jaiden rVa James: Experimental & Exploitative

SS: Tell us a little history about your beginnings and how the partnership evolved...
JrVaJ: We have known each other for a while now, around 4 years as we used to live in the same apartment complex, share mutual friends and had the same interests. Jaiden rVa James developed simply out of love for fashion and as a way of expressing ourselves.

SS: Have you got a set design process? Do you use inspiration boards?
JrVaJ: No we usually develop a story and that story becomes a theme and we kind of work within that theme

Pastels and gingham... a SS09 look showcased in Fashion156

SS: These are exciting times for menswear in London...How does it feel to be part of the first menswear afternoon at LFW?
JrVaJ: We have watched menswear rise in London, not that it has not always been here from Savile Row to John Richmond to Kim Jones etc. Man has really helped alot and we have a huge respect for Gordon, his team and Topman for supporting London's menswear and an even huger admiration for Lulu as I can't even imagine where British- furthermore fashion in general- would be without Fashion East.

SS: What can we expect to see from your aw 09/10 collection?

JrVaJ: Pyschosexuality, hats by the amazing Justin Smith, jackets by Schott

SS: Which fellow designers are you most excited about seeing in London?
JrVaJ: Luella, Louise Goldin, House of Holland, Nasir Mazhar, Justin Smith, Katie Eary, Sibling, James Long, Chris Shannon, JW Anderson, Topman Design, Basso & Brooke, The Whole menswear day.

Two more SS09 looks seen in Fashion156

SS: Is there a Jaiden rVa James man/muse?

JrVaJ: Charlie Porter is the embodiment, a man unafraid of fashion and who has a huge passion for it, his love for his job stretches beyond just his job and clothes but he genuinely cares about the landscape of fashion especially menswear.

SS: What is inspiring your own personal styles at the moment? Do you have any style icons (long or short term)?
JrVaJ: Our style is experimental in many ways and we rather dress the way we feel and treat dressing as an art form as it is always how we express ourselves but we rather dress the way we see fit rather then be influenced by another person.

SS: What would you like to achieve in 2009 and beyond?
JrVaJ: Produce a catwalk show for MAN, do some collabs to deliver the label to a wider audience and hopefully work with a sports label on a more long term partnership.

SS: If you could go back in time and experience any fashion moment, what would it be?
JrVaJ: Hedi Slimane's first and last show for Dior.

Image from their SS09 lookbook, shot by Bret Llod and styled by Raph Castelmezzano

SS: What item of clothing (if any) do you wish that more men wore?
JrVaJ: A skirt or kilt. I think men should have worn skirts in the first place i don't know why it became unfashionable as it makes more sense then trousers; a skirt is less restricting more fluid and allows us men more freedom.

SS: If you could dress anyone, who would it be and what would you put them in?

JrVaJ: I would say any man that appreciates the design is good enough for us, having someone buy into what your creating is beautiful enough in itself.

SS: Have you got any recommendation that you'd like to share with our readers? (shops, hairdressers, designers, websites, bars)
JrVaJ: Justin Smith Esquire for Hats. Tate Modern & Southbank - for culture. Joiners Arms- for a drink. Schott Perfecto Jackets. House of Harlot- Amazing with rubber. Bang Bang- For Vintage. Regulation- for leather they know how to work with leather amazing

SS:Finally, what's the one question you wish people asked you but you've never had the opportunity to answer? (and what is the answer)
JrVaJ: Now that would be telling.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting design duo. Always great to hear about young design talent, plus I'm looking forward to your coverage of fashion week.

Anonymous said...

Great piece chaps

Terence Sambo said...

These guys r amazing, i got gr8 faith in em :o)

Anonymous said...

Great post. Expect big things from these two this year.


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