Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sporting Rewind

As most of your eyes are transfixed on the goings on in New York, I will leave the runway commentary (for now - a full catch up will come before the weekend) to the likes of thesundaybest and thefashionisto because I must admit that I am finding it difficult concetrating on the happenings across the Atlantic because I am just to darn excited about next week. here in London. In this spirit, I'd like shout in true Craig David styleee 're-e-wind' and divert your gaze to Georgy Baratashvili, a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins (thanks to the fashion156 blog for bringing him to my attention). Baratashvilli has already including collaborated with Puma and the Jamaican Olympic team (makes me just think of Cool Runnings) and it is clear that his work marries sportswear with a dark romantic aesthetic.

His AW09 collection, inspired by British youth culture, takes the everyday street uniform of hoodies and tracksuits and overlays them with elements from Baratashvili’s dance background to create a tough but much sensual look than we might normally see at a town centre near you. For years, Baratashvili was a professional dancer in his native Russia, so it really is no wonder that movement inspired his collection of soft, draped trousers and tops.

The only trouble is... with intricately draped jersey, layered wool and washed leather in a soft nude and grey palette, I just know that if I did get my hands on any of this collection, I would have to keep it under lock and key away from Susie's thieving hands...

1 comment:

Songy said...

damn they are some sexy pieces. I don't know if I could handle guys being that sexay. mmm call me a sexist.


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