Monday, 9 February 2009

Vibskov's Autumn/Winter Encore with friends

I spent the afternoon catching up on a number of shows from Stockholm (Bertoni and Whyred are particularly worth mentioning) and Copenhagen and it is great to see a number of exciting designers showing in these (relatively) new fashion capitals. For me, men's fashion is always in need of new blood and and a fresh point of view (and no more than now given the doom and gloom of recent weeks) and these shows have helped me see that it is out there, Copenhagen in particular. Every February and August, Copenhagen is host to Northern Europe's largest fashion event. Susie has recently returned from covering the goings on at Copenhagen and her coverage combined with her enthused ramblings at home have forced me to write a few words on Vibskov and chums.

According to Susie's excited ramblings Henrik Vibskov is followed and celebrated like a Rock God in his native country and it is easy to see why, as well blowing his adoring fans all away with his colourful prints he creates quite the spectacle and knows what constitutes a great show. Of course we saw this collection in Paris but I loved hearing about his encore show last week. I wish more designers knew how to put on a great show.

What makes a great show?
  • Find a great venue - Vibskov's venue was The Grey Hall in the semi self-governing state of Christiania with approximately 850 residents and plenty of pot consumption.
  • Invite more than just the usual fashion crowd to create a different type of fashion experience.
  • Allow plenty of beer. A Bring your own policy makes for an interesting party feel.
  • A well chosen sound track.
  • An interesting collection helps but if all the boxes are ticked then it is not necessarily a necessity.
Copenhagen was far from just a one man show though, although heavy on the monochrome Jean//phillip's collection was anything but dull. Highlights included slim silhouettes in fabrics ranging from provocative leather, PVC and sheer black chiffon to the more subdued wool in black and grey, jersey and black and white woolen tartan. Soulland, one of the few purely menswear designers showing, saw knitted long johns, quilted jackets, high-necked knits and trousers made out of high endurance rubber which created a slightly unnerving collection.

If you've not had time to look over show images from the Scandinavian fashion weeks, I suggest that you make yourself a cup of tea and pore over designers new and old (Please note: Style Salvage is not suggesting that you pour hot tea over the designers, please just drink it and marvel at the shows whilst sipping tea).


Unknown said...

A sound recommendation indeed. I do like Vibskov but personally, I find the styling a little off-putting in terms of wearability.

Stockholm and Copenhagen were truly impressive though. I still need to check out Berlin...*sighs*

/Male Mode.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Cilian: Vibskov's looks always contain soooo many items. The shows are truly impressive but I prefer viewing his work when it is simplified. I know what you mean about the shows...there is just too much to take in during such a short space of time!

Ian Brown said...

I enjoyed the presentation but didn't fall for many of the central garments.The military green trousers you pictured, the cape, and a few of the knits caught my eye though.


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