Saturday, 28 February 2009

A closer look inside Fashion East's MAN House - Katie Eary

Part two of my look inside Fashion East's MAN house takes in Katie Eary's sinister pig tea party. The scene inside this room made me feel as though I had been transported in to a beautifully macabre editorial...I had made it inside the pages of Another Man. Inspired by Orwell's Animal Farm this setting offers a look at the pigs after having taken over the farmhouse.

I'm not the biggest Dr Martens fan but these gold toe capped boots were really something.

DD offers some great coverage of the MAN house and grabbed Katie for a quick interview during the afternoon (I am kicking myself for not doing this but I lacked the confidence and composure to speak to her!). The below question and answer offers great insight into where this exciting designer wants to take menswear...

DD: Do you think men are more restricted in what they wear?
Katie Eary: That's because there's nothing available. I'm just pushing it. It's got to have some knock down effect eventually. If you think back to the 1600s', men were way more glamorous than women will ever be and so it's happened before, there's nothing stopping it from happening again - maybe not in my lifetime!

The men's fashion industry needs more designers like Katie Eary and Jaiden rVa James who are prepared to push their aesthetic as far as possible because in my opinion it will indeed have a knock effect on the rest of us. Here is hoping for a time where men are again as glamorous as women (if not more) some time soon, we surely wouldn't get there without such exciting young designers and the likes of MAN giving them the platform to showcase their ideas.


Unknown said...

Agreed. This season appears to have been the most successful so far.

/Male Mode.

we could grow up 2gether said...

now i wanna do a shoot with a tea party theme


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