Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Style Stalking... Buck's Elliot James Sainsbury (Part 1)

What better way to learn about a person's style than to style stalk them for a week? Elliott James Sainsbury is a chap who we first came across on the t'internet back when he was blogging but when we met him in person we just had to style stalk him... We could not think of anyone better to kickstart this new feature. Needless to say, after viewing the first few days of images (beautifully shot by Holly Falconer ) we became green with envy... Elliott, we want to steal your wardrobe! Please sit back and become a voyeur as we are let in to the first four days in his shoes. The rest of the week's outfits with be accompanied by his shop recommendations later this week.

Day one:
Blazer, tie and sneakers- Lanvin. Vintage silk scarf. Sweater- Dior Homme. Jeans- Cheap Monday. Shirt- Hurwundeki. Spectacles- Oliver Peoples. Briefcase- Battersea car boot sale. Trenchcoat on chair- Topman.


Day two:
Vintage coat, blazer and scarf- The East End Thrift Store. Jeans- Cheap Monday. Shoes- Church's. Top- Uniqlo. Spectacles- SUPER. Briefcase- Battersea car boot sale.


Day three:
Purple blazer and scarf- The East End Thrift Store. Shirt- Uniqlo. Vintage trousers- charity shop. Socks- Happy Socks. Shoes- Church's. Bow tie- H&M.


Day four:
White shirt- Miu Miu. Vintage trousers- charity shop. Cape- Carolyn Massey for Topman. Bag- Jil Sander. (Note from Elliot- ack, this pic is really over contemplative! I don't normally do this face at work!)


Anonymous said...

I want his wardrobe!

LYNN and HORST said...

oh how i want the marble bag

Giancinephile said...

I seriously adore this chap's style!!!!!!!!

I want his cloooooothes! hahaha

Matthew Spade said...

totally love his clothes, not a million miles away from my wardrobe really, but he has got the 1-up. what does he do then? lots of mood boards and inspiration around him, a magazine perhaps?

Matthew Spade said...

well theres egg on my face, i did read buck magazine in the title...........doh.

are you a fan of buck magazine then guys? i can say i sure am

j said...

I too like the style and it seems on the whole affordable.

Anonymous said...

He has a great sense of style, i want it all!
Brilliant mix of designer, vintage and high street!
He works for Buck, which i also love love love!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie, your clothes are cool! xx

TheSundayBest said...

If I saw him on the street I'd steal his shoes. I just would.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Anonymous: There must be clambering after Elliott in the street trying to steal his wardrobe.
Lyn&Horst: I nearly did buy a version of the bag but I actually wanted this one...
Giancinephile: More clothes to drool over tomorrow.
Mat ahoy: I certainly am, eager to see the new site launch and we've not got too long to wait now.
J: I love how Elliott effortlessly mixes designer with vintage and car boot fodder. He certainly has a good eye.
L Black: This is why we had to kick start our style stalking feature.
Anonymous: Elliott is surprised by your lovely comments.
TheSundayBest: Next time I see him I'll try and do the same...but I don;t think we are the same size...

Me said...

so envy person.....


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