Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Colour Challenge

Dear EJ

In the below post you challenged me to introduce more colour into my wardrobe this autumn. I must admit that looking over my wardrobe_remix shots there is indeed a lacking of variation and excitement which can be brought from flashes of colour. I'm not afraid of colour, not by any means, but for everyday wear which requires little thought neutral colours prove just too attractive in the morning when I'm a little bleary eyed and thinking of my pillow. However, over the coming weeks I will bring in colour into my attire, from simple accessories (I really want the Jack Spade for Gap x Collete) to full blocks of colour which will blow your mind...

Colour can be used in so many way, through canny accessorising...

Images from left to right: Parisian Dandy in red accessories shot by thesartorialist, Waris Ahluwalia as shot by Cafe Mode, Sasha from Hel Looks

To full blown assaults of colour (and of course everything in between)....

Images clockwise from top left: Model from aw 08 Y3 collection, of the runway shot from thesartorialist, a look from JW Anderson's recent ss 09 collection and finally two images taken from Fashion156's Colour issue

In short, I accept your challenge. Be prepared for some colour.



modernaged said...

This is a common problem for myself as well. Good to see you willing to rebel against the neutrals that are all too easy to fall back on.

Everything I own is black, white or shade in between. Maybe this autumn is a time to shake things up.

In my travels about town I've seen all sorts of attractive scarves that could add a nice dash of color to the cropped black peacoat I've selected for myself for winter. The red gloves in Sart's photo are also inspiring, and something I feel I could pull off.

On a different note -- it is a nice change to be able to buy clothes off the rack here that actually fit me. Terrible for my bank balance though.

Style Salvage Steve said...

modernaged - I think that there is a lack of colour in men's style on the whole. It requires a little more confidence and assurance to play with different hues. Most outfits require a solid foundation which can be monochrome or neutral but to add something new, a colourful accessory is so easy to wear and radically transforms a look of an outfit. let's both shake things up over the autumn!

I'm pleased that your shopping experiences in London are preferable to those in the US.
There is certainly greater availability of fitted clothing on the High Street here.

modernaged said...

The only problem is that I think Brits all have miniature feet. My kicks are about to bite the dust, and I've been shopping every day on my lunch to no avail. I wear a UK12. Yeowch.

Where do they send us genetically modified Americans when their shoes bust?

Style Salvage Steve said...

modernaged - A size 12? No wonder all of the big foot sightings are in the US. The average UK size is 9-10. What style of shoe are you after?

modernaged said...

I want a slim black, slighty pointy or rounded brogue. Either that or a chelsea boot.

I have a traditional brogue, but i find it a bit clompy as I've been trying to channel my inner Nick Cave these days.

I've found a lot of shoes I want, just none that fit. I found a great sneaker/brogue hybrid by nanny state, but alas, I'm a giant. I'm going to have to be one of those poor sods that has to buy online.

Sorry to hijack the more pertinent conversation on color and swing it down to my feet ;)

Matthew Spade said...

Nick Cave days sounds good. Am I right in saying Swear shoes are lightly bigger fitting, can SS shed any light here?

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see what happens with this color challenge. If you'll allow me to make a sweeping generalization, I'll say that men have it more difficult than women do, in this arena.

However, the photos show that all these guys mix colors superbly regardless.

Make Do Style said...

I struggle with wearing colour, everything I like is in grey and black. I need to rise to the challenge too!

Izzy said...

I believe men, in general look best in non-colors. That being said, once the art of color is mastered, the effect can be quite engaging.

I think I speak for the great majority of men who are into fashion now that most of us are in the blacks/grays phase and are slowly easing ourselves in to tiny pops or big jolts of color.

The past few seasons' offerings of leather goods in suede are seriously making me reconsider color; supersaturated colors (bright teals, purples, mustards) take on a whole new dimension with the texture of suede. I also wouldn't mind pops of patent neon!

Good luck on your color challenge.

AsianCajuns said...

Looking forward to see your color challenge outfits. I love your examples- esp Waris Ahluwalia- with a kerchief!

Anonymous said...

lately i have taken to black, grey and white, and need to do just as you intend to! though i am a big fan of your muted colour palette, they prove that colours aren't as essential to an outfit as subtle, good choices. i look forward to seeing the ways that you adapt to your challenge, whilst trying to do the very same thing myself!

TheSundayBest said...

Oh, there will be colour. So much colour.


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