Saturday, 27 September 2008

Men Represent: Essentials mark two


- Accessories: It's not one of the most used tags on the blog for no reason. They step any outfit up a level and give you an excuse to be a bit eccentric- bow ties and buttonholes anyone?

- Photography books: I love poring over glossy photography books of any era and almost any subject. My favourite in terms of style inspiration is Cecil Beaton portraits. I love tiny details like Gary Cooper's sideburns and more obvious things like suits, poise and posture.

- A pair of killer trainers: my love of Adidas is well documented, but I can have my head turned by all sorts of trainers (and I do mean that literally... it's not uncommon for me to almost smack into people because I'm looking the other way at someone's feet!)

- Superfly hair: tousled or slicked back, I'm not too fussy and I can appreciate guys making almost any sort of effort with their hair (why do so many men just ignore or mismanage their hair??) ...though of course my favourite is a brilliant quiff.

- Galleries: not so much a style essential, but believe me when I say that I couldn't do without them. The National Gallery in London is one of my favourite places to be.


- Everyday bag - These come in all shapes and sizes and the choice should depend on the day's activities. My current workday bag of choice is my vintage Polaroid bag but I'm also in the hunt for the perfect tote.
- iPhone - I love this piece of technology, it just makes my life a lot easier and is beautiful at the same time.

- Moleskin notepad and any pen I can find. Simple, elegant and just the job. In a fast paced world it is essential to be able to write down an insight, otherwise it might just be lost...if there aren't any insights to be jotted, you can always doodle.

- Borders - A well stocked newsagent is a necessity and Borders is heaven for me. Whenever I have a few minutes to kill in London I head to Borders. Magazines are so important to me, if it wasn't for magazines like The Face and even GQ who knows what I'd be doing right now. I'm a magazine addict and love nothing more than flicking through a new issue of Fantastic Man, 10 Man, Monocle, Man About Town, Nylon Guys, VMan, GQ Style....

- Wallet - The home of the key to all things shiny and new. I can not understand men who don't use a wallet. Mine is a Commes Des Garcons black wallet complete with coin purse.


We forgot to mention it on the last essentials post but Gian has posted his essentials over on his blog. Go and check them out!


Anonymous said...

Monocle surely is a delight to read. It's one of the few magazines that seemingly induce me to read almost every article. And I love the aesthetic of it.

does Monocle still have the Kita Koga feature at the back???

Style Salvage Steve said...

Hey Giancinphile! I can confirm that Monocle still has the Kita Koga feature at the back. I have to read it all as well, it is perfectly put together. This issue comes with an Accessories Directory Supplement which has some great items in it.

Anonymous said...

Oh god! Must have it! I've been struggling with access to Monocle as they've stopped distributing it here locally.

I got hooked to Kita Koga because Niels is one cool ninja! ... drives nice cars, impeccably dressed, and has a thing for design.

Monocle's features on accessories are interesting. Now, that's a must-see. I've developed a certain love for bicycles, Drumohr sweaters, and how to constantly rethink your thoughts on being a world citizen because of Monocle.


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