Saturday, 20 September 2008

James Franco is a Man About Town and he might just be stalking me

James Franco seems to be wherever I turn lately. It all started only recently when I watched Never Been Kissed (it was raining outside, it was on TV...I was ill, I'd not seen it before....*insert another few excuses here) and there he was (who knew he was in it???), then he fronts a Gucci perfume and then one of my favourite magazines, Man About Town puts him on the cover and dedicates a number of pages to 'A Study of the Actor.' The man is stalking me.

The cover and the highlights of the editorial

From the study within the magazine I learned quite a bit about my new stalker...he used to work at McDonalds before his acting career took off, he dropped out of UCLA in 1997 and has recently returned to finish off his undergraduate degree which is commendable but to be honest I'm not really interested. I only care care about the degree of style a would be stalker has and within these pages I like what I see. James Franco I give you my blessing to continue to stalk me. With three major films released this year including the Judd Apatow produced comedy Pineapple Express (which I might see), the weepie romance Nights in Rodanthe (which I won't see) and a biopic of former San Francisco councillor Harvey Milk called Milk which is directed by Gus Van Sant (which I probably will see), we will all be seeing a fair bit more of the actor.


ryder said...

Never Been Kissed? raining day? :) excuses, excuses :) ...

your "stalker" is very very handsome. i dint know him that well as an actor, and i still dont, but he has an intersting movie title in his posrtfolio: You Always Stalk the Ones You Love ?!? :)
he looks amazing in these photos you posted.

milk could be interesting to see.

Chus said...

This is what I think: James Franco

Style Salvage Steve said...

James Franco Update - I turned the TV on last night and caught yet another glimpse of my stalker in Annapolis...seriously, will this ever stop?
Ryder - That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I agree that he look's awesome in these shots, they make me want to don evening wear.
Chus - Thanks, you know alot more about him than me.

Anonymous said...

Not very big on Franco. I'd rather see more new projects from Mr. Sam Riley.

I'm gonna filter my senses fromn anything James Franco...

Nights in Rodanthe: I feel so sorry for myself attempting to read a Nicholas Sparks book and never will ever again.

I think his career took off since that Gucci fragrance spot! kidding! LOL

TheSundayBest said...

Man About Town is still not here...when did "Canada" become code for "middle of nowhere"?


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