Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Men Represent: Out of obsessions come style icons

I have been an avid watcher of Masterchef for as long as I can remember, long before the influx of the TV celebrity chef. Early memories include marvelling at Loyd Grossman's peculiar voice and watching housewives (with the odd, odd guy) compete against one another (not that competitively) was all about the joy of cooking and nothing else back then...simple times. In it's various modern guises the competition is taken extremely serious indeed, it is not just about the joy of cooking, it is cooking as a way of life, a profession. Which leads me nicely to the new series of this institutional show, Masterchef Professionals and it's new presenter Michele Roux JR - the bar has been raised as the hunt commences for a chef who can cut it at the very top of the culinary profession and the two starred Michelin chef judges with style. I have to steal an amusing quote from Sarah Dempster from the Guardian - "Here, hectoring judge Gregg Wallace is joined by Michel Roux Jr, a thin man with one large, terrified eye and one small, rather kindly eye; a biological quirk that makes it impossible to tell whether the Michelin-starred maverick is horrified by your pan-seared scallops, or just wants to give them a cuddle." Aside from his biological quirks he has an enviable collection of suits and wears them extremely well. As I sit watching my new favourite show (guilty pleasure) aside from cooking up a storm in the kitchen the new presenter makes me want to invest in more suits...and work on my stare. He has inspired me to experiment with smartening up my everyday look.

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TheSundayBest said...

Maybe he's just always skeptical...


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