Monday, 1 September 2008

Men Represent: Style Icons Update

Firstly apologies again for Week 2 of Men Represent which passed me by...the last two weeks have flown by and left me tired and a little confused...but it was all worth it. For those of you who don't know I moved flats and aside from carrying boxes, driving in vans and visiting Ikea I didn't have access to the alternate, all consuming world of the Internet. Excuses, excuses I hear you say, well, you might have something there. My point is that our thirst for your style icons has yet to be quenched, despite some stella work from The Journal of Style and The Sunday Best, we still want more, If you've posted about your style icons and I've missed you out please let us know.

Here are the blogs and the icons who have taken part:

The Sunday Best gave us Brian Eno and David Byrne whilst letting us know about their new collaboration. "And for letting his hair grey wonderfully, and cycling everywhere, and drawing trees, and wearing scarves and fedoras, David Byrne is a definite style icon."

The Journal of Style (a regular read of mine - a men's style blog written by Jonas, inspired by music and design) has been the busiest and most productive at the style icons task.

Marcello Mastroianni - "The Italian actor showed us that dressing in a very simple style was never boring as long as the fit and execution is right."

Albert Einstein - "Easily put he wasn't the most sartorial scientist in the world and his clothes didn't fit like a glove but he always was the most stylish scientist, he was what I would like to call - an individualist."

Please send us the links of any style icons post...let's focus on week 2 of Men Represent.


Jonas Fred said...

Thank You for the kind words Steve. I still have one more coming up hopefully by tomorrow - guess you will just have to wait and see.

Jonas Fred

p.s - don't worry no more scientists

Style Salvage Steve said...

Don't mention it Jonas! I look forward to reading it, there will be more from me this week as well (atleast two). I have nothing against scientists, I just prefer the style of architects right now.

Jonas Fred said...

Which icons coming up in your blog? An architect perhaps or are you planning on keeping us waiting?

Jonas Fred

Style Salvage Steve said...

I am going to keep you waiting to make life that little more intereting. I can say though, that they will be a little more straight forward than my previous ones and I will be supporting atleast one of them with photos of how they have influenced my own style.

Jonas Fred said...

Steve it's up.

..... said...

yeah Marcello Mastroianni is amazin ! he was so effortlessly stylish in la dolce vita of Fellini

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bean. Seriously.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Brutehead - Great shout. I would have to put Mr Bean in the unlikely style incons pile but that tweed jacket combined with the red tie is truly something.


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