Tuesday, 9 September 2008

An eye on NYC - Hamilton's Futuristic Streetwear

Following my post yesterday where I stated that the street (as captured by the Sartorialist on men.style) can be as, if not more, inspiring than the s/s 09 collections. Well, one designer who seems to be in sync with my thoughts has delivered my favourite collection thus far. Tim Hamilton's vision for "Spring '09 is a take on futuristic street wear where boundaries are erased." My favourite looks of the collections are where Hamilton juxtaposes the grungey, punky lace up combat boots and futuristic metallic trench coats with the preppy pleated trousers made of seersucker and linen.

Apparently within this collection Hamilton learned how to edit. It's certainly a tight color palette based on black and white (with flashes of blue). The styling of the show was impressive and if we take one lesson from the show, it is the importance of layering! What makes me like the collection more is the fact that Hamilton chose to forgo the usual and somewhat tired runway show and replaced it with a cocktail party and presentation in a West Village penthouse. This is how Gossip Girl could and should be styled (not that there is too much wrong with the styling of Gossip Girl...it would just be better if Tim Hamilton was involved).

All photos used within this post are from Dazed Digital and the photographer is Shawn Brackbill - these pictures make me want to be there!


Lost said...

This looks like the most interesting thing, out of the sprint shows so far.. and thats just an amateur opinion ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm not really that enthusiastic about NYFW compared to Paris and Milan prolly because there's not much menswear labels that really go that far but the likes of Thom Browne makes me think otherwise.

Tim Hamilton is quite good, his work can get interesting but nothing beats my affinity for Thom Browne. haha

TheSundayBest said...

Reason No. 25 why I need to be near Uniqlo - missing the Tim Hamilton collaboration.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Move already! Let me know if you want anything and just couldn't live without it and I'll send it to you! I must warn you though if it comes down to it and there's only one size small, it's mine!

Paul Hardy said...

I agree with thesundaybest. I miss the Tim Hamilton - Uniqlo collaboration.

Matthew Spade said...

hopefully there will be some collaborations on the uniqlo website sometime soon.

has anyone heard any rumors about highstreet/designers collaborations coming up? i still can't wait for the topman lens project this month

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat ahoy - The Lens collection is launched this week...for some reason I'm leaving London for the weekend so I will miss the actual lanch, a foolish oversight on my account. There are always interesting collaborations popping up but I've got nothing to declare as yet. Has anyone else heard of any mindblowingly (potentially) good collaborations?


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