Sunday, 28 September 2008

Falling for Autumn

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" Albert Camus

Both of us at Style Salvage love Autumn because for us, it's the season where men's style becomes that bit more interesting. Men can't hide behind a simple combination of t shirt, jeans and wayfarers, more thought is required and most importantly and most interestingly this also means more layers. EJ is going to post her thoughts on Autumn shortly but as I'm so excited about the prospect of crunching leaves underfoot in Hampstead Heath that I just had to share my current inspiration for the season with you.

1 - Harry Treadaway featured in VMAN wearing a Uniqlo Checked Jacket
2 - TheCablog's second han cap from Berlin
3 - In The Cut feature in VMAN
4 -Dexter Wong Slim Trench from Topman
5 - Expert layering by the master of layering The Cablog
6 - Clarks Desert Boot in brown
7 - Cranberry solid rib cardigan by American Apparel


Matthew Spade said...

this is the perfect season for dressing, im just waiting for it to get just a little bit colder to wear trenchcoats ect.

im after some new cardigans, i was going to buy a few from the uniqlo website ( the merino ones, £14.99 atm) but they have all sold out in smalls and mediums. im kicking myself beacuse the last time i was in london i tried them on but i didnt get round to buying any. call me a fool! they never re-stock that website.

hows the london weather, chilly enough for many layers?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Hey Matt, no the london weather is too warm for layers at the moment. I went out last night in just a t shirt! I look at bbc weather everyday waiting for the temperature to drop, whereas most people are hoping for the exact opposite!

I have my eye on the merino wool cardis aswell but whenever I go in store they only have large sizes. Uniqlo really need to update their site with all of their stock.

Matthew Spade said...

ah right i see, your just wanting it to hurry up! well i feel the same, im thinking mid october will be best, not long now. ive been writing a list of wants as im planning on a shopping trip to manchester next week hopefully (depending on if i can get through my uni work).

ah right, its the same deal in the shops then, they need to get it sorted. do you know of any other shops the do good cardigans in nice materials that are affordable?

Elizabeth said...

I love watching European men make clothing choices, no matter what season. They're so much more inspired and imaginative than what I see here at home—

The Southern California Costume:
-Statement/brand logo t-shirt
-Cargo shorts/pants/jeans
-Backwards cap.


Ca said...

Oh my, thank you for mentioning me here! Honoured I am indeed, hah.

It's so cold in Oslo nowadays but the sun is shining... such beautiful autumn weather just makes me dress up!


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