Friday, 12 September 2008

Picture Postcard: Weekend break

This pic was taken of me last time I was at home, on the beach of Margate...all I'm missing is the ultimate tasty accessory, a 99 with a flake.

Dear EJ

As the collective fashion gaze turns towards London, I for some reason am leaving the big smoke for the weekend and returning from whence I came...the seaside. I will be sure to spread the ideas of Men Represent but I'm not too sure how receptive the boys and men of 'Planet Thanet' will be to it all.

Keep an eye on the Topman website, the autumn/winter Topman Design is now available (click here to have a look) but the Lens Collection (which we've both been looking forward to) will be available real soon - you might just get your hands on the Massey cape you've been dreaming of..
Much Love and have a great weekend


PS - Thanks for adding the Feeling Lucky feature on the right hand side, an inspired idea! Readers, you can now read a post at random to entertain yourselves.

Hey Steve!

Hope you have fun times in deepest darkest Kent. I will be keeping a close watch on the Topman website (is it me or was the US site launch kept rather quiet? It's probably just me), if just to see how quickly the Topman Design stuff sells out. Alas I cannot afford to buy myself the cape or that plaid jacket as I had hoped as I near bankrupted myself last weekend doing girl shopping (dresses!)

I'll try to keep the blog covered while your away. That is if I don't get distracted reading the archives.



Ca said...

Thanks for the great comment, haha, I'm really lost when it comes to navigate this so-called blogsphere. I've never heard of your blog but I'm glad I did. Notions on male fashion, simply great!

j said...

I don't know if the Topman US launch was quiet or not...everything is quiet in Cleveland, but it is certainly welcome.

I don't know what a 99 with a flake is, but I'll try ordering one next time I'm at a bar.

Anonymous said...

Oh Margate! That place has been really tickling my curiosity after reading Tracey Emin's memoirs. haha

Nice to know another soul is from Margate... ;)

Style Salvage Steve said...

ca - Thanks! I stumbled across your blog via dapperkid and. I have to commend you on your vintage buying!
J - A 99 isn't a drink but is in fact an ice cream which is topped off with a flake. If you make it to the US store please let us know what you think!
Giancinephile - I'm impressed that you've even heard of margate, I'm afraid that emin is the only famous child of the seaside town though!

Syed said...

Sigh I need to get my hands on one last 99p flake before the cold weather sets in. And have you checked out the black trouser project at Topman? Some of the designs were pretty damn good. Annnd sorry to seem stupid, but before I can get involved...what exactly is Men Represent?


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