Thursday, 18 September 2008

Men Represent: Essential essentials

Apologies for the delay in putting up the first batch of Men Represent's Essentials, Steve managed to give himself concussion after fainting (he really needs to give this story a more masculine edge), anyway, he's on the road to recovery now and please see Men Represent: Essentials, part one...

  1. A killer item, something that you love and goes with anything - mine would be an APC peacoat

  2. An individual/daring streak that means you try and look different from the crowd, and aren't afraid to leave the house wearing something a little odd (whether that's pink shoes or a sequinned cardigan)

  3. A good sense of colour/pattern so you know what goes together and doesn't to complement the individual streak
  4. A voracious appetite for magazines, style and curious eye for detail
  5. The evening dress outfit combo (white shirt, black trousers, black tie/bow tie, smart black shoes, jacket/blazer/tux jacket and accessory (scarf/brooch/bag)

Matt Ahoy - Buckets and Spades

  1. Quality socks are a must, ususally bright coloured. Marks and Spencers is the best bet for good quality yet affordable socks.

  2. Footwear, I ususally can't stick to one type of shoes but since I bought a pair of A/W08 Kurt Geiger patent black hi tops I can't take them off. Hi tops, boots, brogues, deck shoes and loafers are my 5 essentials.

  3. I can't leave my house without a watch, I need to know the time all the time, I don't know how anyone feels about this, Whether it's weird but I just can't do it. Casio is the brand for me (until im earning a bit more).

  4. Christian Dior - Eau Sauvage

  5. Pen and note pad. These guys never leave my side. You never know what you will see or hear when leaving your house, they're a must.

Mark - Broken Closet

1. The Velvet Blazer - I couldn’t bear to see the blazer in anywhere but my top five. It would be like moving to Nepal and leaving my favourite teddy behind in my empty room. This Autumn I’m a little obsessed with velvet, so on the look out for a velvet blue blazer. I am in love with the one by Kris Van Assche last year, but I’d rather not have to sell my liver or youngest child to buy it. I just think a well fitted blazer transforms anything underneath into pure gold… like the philosophers stone, but dry clean only.

2. The Giant Knits - I was never much of a cardigan boy. I have but one, which is colossal and increased my body size threefold. Now I’m after more humungous knits, requiring a whole herd of Swedish sheep to make a single sleeve. In particular I love the turtle necks by Alessandro Dell'Acqua this Autumn… but then I have a soft spot for blissful winter jumpers.

3. The Dress Coat - Something about the dress coat this Autumn fills me with pleasurable quivers. I think it’s because for a while all the featured coats and jackets have been cropped to just below the waist and now I think it’s time to let them flow down to the knees. I'm loving Paul Smith's ones this year.

4. Hi-top Footwear - I’ve been captivated by Connies for many, many years. My feet are addicted to them, shivering in hatred at anything else. This year I’m determined to break their obsession and the return of the Hightops might just do it. Then again, I might just buy some new hightop AllStars. Ah Well.

5. Am I Allowed to Say Plaid? No? Well I will anyway. I didn’t like the idea of this at first. I prefer block colours to patterns and thought the plaid might be a bit too masculine for me. However,one fateful day in one of my online buying fits, I bought one off ASOS and it worked! I do feel quite manly in them… even though I’m sipping a Cosmo and humming a tune from Hairspray at the same time.

Jonas Fred - Journal of Style

  1. Canvas Shoes. Preferably a pair from Converse (although everyone has them)

  2. History. Because without the past there is no future.

  3. A good music system. Preferably an ipod (although everyone has them, again)

  4. The Internet. In the form of blogs, websites. It's a wonderful resource.

  5. A good read. I do enjoy reading books on great designers and a magazine but what brings great joy to me is a wonderfully written novel. (The Godfather would be my favourite)


Matthew Spade said...

ekk i really should of took more care with my grammar!

j said...

So Steve, what item at what price made you faint? A fainting story just begs for embellishment!

TheSundayBest said...


Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I totally agree with xS and think it's very interesting how everyone else featured high tops. They'd be in my list for "What I'd need if I was a Boy" too!

Loving the blog - I linked you!

Anonymous said...

Magazines are surely indispensable! I can't imagine life without them...

Unknown said...

Steve you have surpassed yourself! Am going to take Maatt's advice and get some coloured socks from M&S. And clearly invest in another pari of hi-tops; those Kurt Geiger ones look pretty bliss...xS

Matthew Spade said...

xs - the ones pictured arent actually the KG ones i bought, they are topman ones and you can get the in the sales for about £10 now. the KG ones are far superior, and they are full patent. you can see them on the Kurt Geiger website.

socks for sure!

Jonas Fred said...

I agree with mat's comment I should have taken more care of my writing. I didn't think everyone would say hi-tops but that makes it the most important then. I believe magazines are fast being replaced by the internet. The essential 2 under xS from the staple was the best from the post I think.

The essentials included here and 5 more of mine can be viewed at The Journal Of Style

Jonas Fred

Emma Homestay Bandar Tasik Puteri said...

Hi StyleSalvage!
This is not a comment-related, well, comment. I admire your blog and religiously read it. I know how you guys love affordable footwear, especially Steve and his battered Swear shoes!

I want to order those Swear shoes online ( as I live in Russia ). Now, onto my question - do you by any chance know whether the shoes have pig skin lining or other type of leather? Pig skin characteristically has special arrangement of dots/pores on it - 3 dots arranged in a triangle.

Click the link below to see the image of pig skin:

I really hope you guys can help me with this as my religion prohibits any consumption / contact with pigs.(As is that doesn't sound weird enough?)


ryder said...

well vogue homme japan is for sure essential!
trench coat and diesel boots :)

Pret a Porter P said...

I think a watch for a man is absolutely essential. It’s annoying to hear a grown man say, I just use my cellphone, when asked about how he checks the time.


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